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Chapter 877

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“Can’t you tell what I mean? Do you want me to make it clear? ” Lu Yuxi was not afraid at all.

“You woman. ” The bully was very angry with Lu Yuxi, but she had a gun, so they could not touch him at all.

The director smiled, “Miss, I’m afraid you have misunderstood what I mean. What I mean is, if you can hand it over voluntarily, maybe the crime can be lighter. You know, ordinary people are not allowed to hold guns. This is an illegal act. ”

“A gun, there’s a gun there. Why didn’t I see it? ” Lu Yuxi pretended to be dumb and said, “did you see it? Did you see the gun he mentioned? ”

Perhaps the neighbors understood what Lu Yuxi meant, so they immediately responded, “No, where did the gun come from? There’s no gun. ”

“That’s right, Mr. police officer. Are you kidding? We’re in a small mountain village here. Where did the gun come from? ”

“Hey, that’s right, Mr. police officer. Someone just passed away here. Can you guys not keep coming over to disturb us? ” The neighbors responded unhappily. Because they were all gathered to watch, the moment they responded, they were all very loud.

“Mr. Police officer, what’s his relationship with you? You believe whatever he says. He says there are guns here, and you believe him? Then, if I say there are murderers here, do you believe me? ”LuuYuxii was cold.Lookingg at them, she was very annoyed.

“Miss Lu, we are in the middle of a case. Please cooperate with us. ” The bureau chief was very angry at Lu Yuxi’s words.

“You know that you are in the middle of a case, but we didn’t commit any crime. I’m afraid you are in the wrong place. ” The bureau chief? Just because he was the bureau chief, he could let his cousin do whatever he wanted This was clearly breaking the law.

“that may not be the case. Although I don’t have the final say in everything, I am the one who has the final say in my territory now. ” The director looked at the crowd angrily.

“cousin, I think they are trying to blind you. I really saw that she had a gun. Moreover, she almost hit me just now. ”

“Yes, we are all witnesses. It is absolutely true. ”

The director smiled and narrowed his eyes. “You guys, search for her. ”

With the order from the leader, the soldiers behind naturally would not hesitate to rush forward.

Seeing that she was getting closer and closer, Lu Yuxi glared at them fiercely. “I want to see who dares to do it. ”

The reason why she said that she did not have a gun was not because Lu Yuxi was afraid. Moreover, Lu Yuxi knew that she did not have that much time to deal with other things. Since they really wanted to die, she would grant them their wish.

The director sneered at Lu Yuxi’s words. “Why not? Do you think that we are afraid of you? Or do you think that because you are a city resident and have read a few books, I don’t dare to touch you? Let me tell you, in this place, I am the one in charge. ”

“Haha, you have the final say. You’re just a small bureau chief, yet you’re saying such big words. I’m afraid you’re slapping yourself in the face. Let me tell you, other people are afraid of you, but I’m not. If you want to touch me, Lu Yuxi, give me your search warrant. ”

“It’s just a search warrant. It’s such a simple matter. I have it on me. ” As he said that, he took out a piece of paper with a mark on it.

HMPH, you’re just a woman, yet you still want to kill me? It’s as simple as killing an ant.

“Master, what do we do now? They have a search warrant, what should we do? ” Although Ning Haowen was very sad, the most important thing now was to resolve the matter at hand.

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