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Chapter 878

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Lu Yuxi replied in a low voice, “don’t worry, they can’t touch me. “? ? I’m afraid that the person who wants to touch me hasn’t even been born yet …

Although Ning Haowen was worried, Lu Yuxi’s words still made her feel much more at ease. Although she didn’t understand why she trusted Lu Yuxi so much, it was probably because of her confidence.

Lu Yuxi secretly stuffed her phone into Ning Haowen’s hands. “Also, help me make a call now. The remark is for my husband. Tell him that I’ve encountered a problem. I believe that he knows what’s going on. Just tell him the current address. ”

“Okay, I, I understand. ” Ning Haowen hurriedly agreed.

When he was at his Master’s House, Ning Haowen felt that his master’s husband was not a simple person. The facts proved that he was indeed not a simple person. Otherwise, his master would not have looked for him.

Seeing Lu Yuxi Mumbling to others, the leader of the bullies laughed. “Haha, what’s wrong? Why are you whispering? Are you afraid? ”

Lu Yuxi smiled. “afraid? Are you kidding? Do you think you can touch me with a search warrant? Aren’t you guys overthinking it? ”

“Haha, Miss Lu seems to be a scholar. You should know what happens if you refuse to investigate, ” the director threatened.

“I know, but what can you do to me? ”

The director smiled. “Men, search me. ”

The people who were already concerned about Lu Yuxi’s beauty had their eyes lit up when they heard that they could search her. “Yes. ”

At this time, the neighbors couldn’t stand it anymore. One by one, they started to block in front of Lu Yuxi.

“Don’t go too far. We have long disliked you. Don’t think that we are always so easy to bully. Let me tell you, we can’t take it anymore. ”

“That’s right, the police? Bah, you guys are in cahoots with each other. Isn’t it enough to bully us? And now you’re bullying an outsider, you bastards. ”

Not only the police, but also the bullies. Even Lu Yuxi was stunned. Her original plan was to stall them. She did not expect that the neighbors who were not part of the plan would help her.

“today, we could not stand it anymore. Do you know what you bastards have done? ” As she spoke, tears fell.

“You bastards. You know who raped my daughter, but you pretended not to know. You even helped the bad guys. Do you have the nerve to say that you are the police? “? ? ?

“If it were not for these bullies, my son would not have died. You still protect them one by one. What kind of men are you? ” As she spoke, everyone seemed to be so sad that tears fell.

Lu Yuxi did not expect that the bullies would do so many wrong things. She really did not expect that the innocent neighbors would suffer so much.

Lu Yuxi lowered her head in anger. “Is this true? How many bad things have you bunch of animals done? ”

“You damn woman, who are you calling animals? Do you want to die? ”

Lu Yuxi did not care about them. “They actually did so many wrong things. As police officers, what exactly do you do? ”

Police officers were such an admirable name. Who would have thought that they would ruin their reputation.

Perhaps it was because of Lu Yuxi’s sudden accusation, the police officers were at a loss. “We, we didn’t have any evidence, so we couldn’t arrest them. ”

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