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Chapter 879

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“Haha, there’s no other way. What a joke. Is there no other way or is it because he’s your cousin that you’re so detestable? ”

“What do you mean? Are you scolding us now? ” The bureau chief kicked Lu Yuxi fiercely.

“Who cares about me? I’ll scold whoever I want, ” Lu Yuxi said with a cold smile.

The bureau chief was so angry that his face turned green. He really wanted to strangle Lu Yuxi to death.

“cousin, don’t be rash. I know how much you dislike this woman now, but we can’t act rashly now. If we mess up again and let her catch us, she’ll definitely not let go, ” the leader of the bullies pulled the bureau chief and said.

The bureau chief frowned. This was indeed the case. They really could not let these people catch them.

“cousin, then tell me, what should we do? ”

“according to what I said, we should create some trouble so that we can confidently catch these people back, ” the bullies said with a wicked smile.

When the bureau chief heard this idea, he nodded in satisfaction. “Tell me, what should we do? ”

“easy, we can… ” the bullies whispered in the bureau chief’s ear …

Lu Yuxi naturally noticed this detail. There must be a conspiracy going on. It seemed that she had to be more careful.

Unfortunately, things were not as Lu Yuxi had imagined.

Suddenly, a Moan sounded from the side, “it hurts, it hurts so much, what, what are you doing! ”

An unexpected thing happened. A man in a police uniform fell to the ground and began to Moan in pain.

Lu Yuxi narrowed her eyes dangerously. So you guys want to play this kind of trick. As expected of a smart person, I can’t underestimate you guys.

“brother, what happened to you? What happened to you? Don’t scare us. ” Almost all the police officers surrounded him.

“It hurts, it really hurts. It’s him, it’s him! ” The man on the ground pointed at the man closest to him.

“No, I didn’t push him. I didn’t. He bumped into me. I didn’t push him. ” The man was pointed at and hurriedly explained.

The police officers stood up and looked at him fiercely. “How is it not you? He kept saying that it was you who bumped into him. Now you’re saying that it wasn’t you. Do you think anyone will believe what you’re saying? ”

“That’s right. What you’re doing is assaulting a police officer. We can arrest you at any time now. ”

The man was obviously frightened. “No, it wasn’t me. I really didn’t do it. He bumped into me himself. You have to believe me. ”


The man was so agitated that he wanted to ask for the trust of the people present.

“It really wasn’t me! It wasn’t me! I don’t want to go to jail. I don’t, no! ” The man might have been too agitated. He suddenly clutched his chest and fell to the ground.

“Daniel, don’t blind us. ” The neighbors rushed forward to check.

Naturally, Lu Yuxi would not just stare blankly. Instead, she quickly ran in front of the man and paid attention to his expression.

“HMPH, you want to avoid responsibility so you play dead? Don’t think that we will let him go. We will definitely catch him. ”

Lu Yuxi turned around angrily. “Shut up. ”

Perhaps it was because Lu Yuxi’s expression was too serious that it shocked the man.

Lu Yuxi frowned and looked at the man on the ground. “What’s going on? Why did he suddenly faint? ”

“He, he had a heart attack. The doctor said that we couldn’t let him be stimulated, so we never dared to provoke him. Who Knew, who knew that they would suddenly say that it was Daniel who pushed them and wanted to put him in jail. ”

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