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Chapter 880

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“Do you have any medicine? ”

“Ah, yes, it’s in his pocket. I usually see her taking things out of her pocket, ” the person next to her immediately said nervously.

Lu Yuxi didn’t have time to think. She reached into her pocket and touched the medicine bottle. As expected, she immediately pinched Daniu’s people. “quick, go get the water. ”

“The water is here, the water is here. ” The person next to her immediately handed the water to Lu Yuxi.

Lu Yuxi hurriedly opened the medicine bottle and immediately fed it to him. As she fed him, she patted his back to let her breathe.

“He even had a heart attack. I think he probably faked it because he was afraid of going to jail, ” the leader of the bullies said mockingly.

“Isn’t that right? He pushed one of our men. Don’t think that you can escape just like that. ”

Lu Yuxi was a little angry because of their words. “Shut up. ”

“Shut up, what a joke. What right do you have to tell me to shut up? Who Do you think you are? ” A policeman pointed and scolded.

The chief was naturally on the side of his own people. “Alright, stop talking. The person who fainted is almost awake. Bring him back. The crime is assaulting a police officer. ”

Once the bureau chief spoke, everyone naturally walked up obediently. “bring him back. ”

The neighbors naturally wouldn’t let him bring Daniel Away. “What are you doing? ”

“Daniel didn’t break the law. What right do you have to bring him away? ” Everyone squeezed in here, not letting him take Daniel away.

The bureau chief sneered. The more these idiots acted like this, the more they would be able to achieve their own goals.

“Do you know what you are doing? You are obstructing official business. Bring them all back. ” As expected, this method was indeed reliable. I didn’t believe that they would still be arrogant.

“Yes. ” All of a sudden, the police started to arrest the innocent neighbors.

“Let us go, you bastards. Do you still have any law? How can you just randomly arrest people? I’m telling you, you’ll definitely get your retribution. ”

“Let me go, what right do you have to arrest me? I didn’t break the law. ”

All of a sudden, the scene was in chaos. Some of them even tore their clothes. If this continued, something would happen sooner or later. It wasn’t impossible for someone to die.

If someone died, they would definitely blame the neighbors for attacking first, but they would not be punished by the law at all.

Lu Yuxi’s face was dark. “All of you, stop. ”

“Stop, do you hear me? ” Lu Yuxi even wanted to pull them away, but it was useless.

It was too chaotic, so no one could hear Lu Yuxi’s soft voice.

“Bang! ” The gunshot silenced everyone.

“All of you, stop. Do you have to force me to attack? ” Lu Yuxi’s voice was especially powerful in the silence.

The neighbors lowered their heads in shame, but some of them seemed to be very happy.

“Haha. ” At this time, the bureau chief suddenly laughed out loud.

“Miss Lu, didn’t you say that you don’t have a gun? Then may I ask, what is this thing in your hand? ”

Little fellow, you want to fight with me? You used a little trick to lure me out.

Lu Yuxi sneered and held the gun in her hand provocatively, “I do have a gun, so what? What are you going to do to me? ”

“Miss Lu, don’t be arrogant. Just now, I didn’t have any evidence so I couldn’t do anything to you. Now that I have evidence, do you think you can escape so easily? ” The bureau chief laughed strangely.

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