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Chapter 881

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This woman’s looks are indeed not bad. She has a face that makes people infatuated with her and a figure that drives every man crazy. It seems that this woman is almost in my hands. When the time comes, I will let her know what a man is.

“Men, this woman has a gun that is illegal. Immediately arrest her and bring her back for interrogation. ” You are still too inexperienced to fight with me.

“Yes. ”

The police officer who was sent up wanted to arrest Lu Yuxi, but who knew…

“Ah! ” Before he could touch Lu Yuxi, he screamed and flew out.

Everyone’s eyes immediately focused on the starting point where the police officer flew out.

“This woman is not someone you can touch casually. ” The woman who dared to touch her was courting death.

The appearance of Hei Bu in time stopped other people from touching Lu Yuxi, and the people present were also shocked.

However, even in times of crisis, where there were handsome men, there would be people who were infatuated.

“Oh my God, who is this? She is so beautiful. ”

“He should be Miss Lu’s boyfriend. Look, they look so compatible. ”

“Yes, but if only this man’s expression wasn’t so fierce. It would be great if he could smile. ”

Lu Yuxi looked at Linghu Jing, who was beside Hei Bu, and smiled.

“Madam. ” Linghu Jing bowed his head in greeting.

“Good, very good. ” Lu Yuxi also nodded. He was indeed the best left and right hand. He followed her everywhere, except for the other hand that was always absent.

Lu Yuxi discovered that other than Hei Bu and Linghu Jing, there were also a few men dressed in black. They looked very serious.

Lu Yuxi pursed her lips. “Hei Bu, you appear so timely every time. Do you want me to praise you as a big hero? ”

Hei Bu glanced at her. The corners of his mouth were not enough. He softly replied in her ear, “you don’t have to call me a big hero. Just… ” he deliberately paused for a moment. “just tonight… ”

Lu Yuxi did not need to continue listening to him to know what he was thinking. “Hei Bu, what are you doing? Are you going to die? ”

Ever since she was able to perform her duty as a wife, HEI BU seemed to want to make up for the things that happened when she was pregnant. Every time, HEI BU tormented her.

When the bureau chief saw HEI BU and Linghu Jing, he was really shocked by their imposing manner. When did they come? Why didn’t he know anything? After all, he had been training in the army for so many years They actually came in without even realizing it.

“Who are you? What right do you have to hit my people? Don’t you know that you are assaulting a police officer? One is assaulting a police officer, and the other is carrying a gun. It seems that our police station is going to be lively. ” Although the bureau chief could say it very logically.. However, when he saw them, he actually lost his confidence.

“assaulting a police officer? Do you have evidence? ” Linghu Jing said expressionlessly.

The bureau chief pointed at his subordinate. “He is already injured to this extent. Isn’t this evidence? ”

Lu Yuxi continued, “is this evidence? Excuse me, did you see that we were the ones who injured him? ”

Hei Bu’s hands and feet were so fast, and he was so close to him that he did not see clearly, let alone them.

“This… we… ” the bureau chief indeed did not see clearly, and he could not blame others. He could only blame himself for not having the heart to let him hurt his own people …

“Alright, even if we don’t have any evidence of you hurting people, everyone saw that Miss Lu had a gun that violated the rules. Moreover, the evidence is still in her hands. It seems impossible for her to escape. ”

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