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Chapter 882

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“Oh? Are you talking about this? ” As soon as HEI BU finished speaking, he took out a pistol from his waist.

The director was stunned. He had seen this gun before, not on television, but at the last ‘military machinery exhibition’ .

This gun was an eye-catching item that night. It was made by Y’s most famous mechanic in a year’s time. Many foreigners and commanders were fighting over this pistol. It was said to be priceless, not just because of its exquisite appearance It was also because of its performance. It was definitely fast, accurate, and ruthless. He did not expect to see it here.

Linghu Jing knew what the HEI BU meant. He immediately passed his eyes to the men in black. All of them took out their guns tacitly and pointed them at the director.

The director’s heart trembled. “What are you doing? ”

This scene scared the director. The neighbors who were watching at the side could not help but take a few steps back in fear.

“If you want to see it, we will naturally show it to you. I don’t know what you want to see? ” Hei Bu’s tone was cold as he said expressionlessly.

Although he was afraid, he was still on the right side. Therefore, the director still said, “you, you guys actually carried handguns together. Don’t you know that it’s against the law? ”

“against the law? I have a permit to carry a gun. Are you saying that I’m against the law? ” Hei Bu said with a sneer.

Meanwhile, Linghu Jing took out the certificate that Hei bu mentioned from the document that he carried with him.

Seeing the certificate, the director was so scared that his hands trembled. “This, this… ”

“and my wife also got a permit to carry a gun in January this year. ”

Lu Yuxi couldn’t help but snicker. She had forgotten that both the Hei Bu and Linghu Jing were military officers, so it was very normal for them to have a gun license. However, she didn’t expect the Hei Bu to get this for her. Perhaps he had also guessed that such a day would come.

“Hei Bu, this director colluded with others and used his authority to fabricate cases. Tell me, how should we deal with this? ”

“How should we deal with it? What right do you have to deal with me? No matter how bad I am, I am still a director. Other than my superior, you have no right to touch a single hair on my head. Catch them for me… ”

“What if we have this? ” Ling Hu took out the officer’s badge from his pocket.

The bureau chief naturally recognized this. This was not a superior, and it was the highest level. He had the complete right to carry out the report first.

“Ling Hu, I will leave this to you. ” Hei Bu’s face was cold.

“I understand. ” Ling Hu nodded.

“and them. This group of bullies are also evil. You can lock them up at any time. “?

“Yes, Madam. I will find evidence of their crimes and hand them over to the police station one by one. ”

Lu Yuxi immediately hugged Linghu Jing. “Yes, it is indeed Linghu Jing. He is so handsome. How is it? Do you have a girlfriend? ”

When Lu Yuxi hugged him, Linghu Jing had the ability to throw her over. However, if he forcefully threw her away, he would only hurt her. “Madam, you… ”

Seeing how intimate Lu Yuxi and Linghu Jing were, hei BU’s face darkened. “Lu Yuxi, where are you putting your hands? ”

“Aiya, what’s the matter? It’s nothing. Linghu Jing, tell me quickly. What kind of girl do you like? I will help you find one immediately. ” Lu Yuxi realized that she liked teasing Ling Hu more and more. Seeing how embarrassed he was, it was simply too fun Moreover, seeing Hei BU’s black face was also a very fun thing.

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