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Chapter 883

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“Ling Hu, you can go and deal with your matters now. ” The youth of HEI BU bulged. If he could not call Lu Yuxi, then he could not call Ling Hu.

“Yes. ”

“Madam, please let go. I still have things to do. ” Linghu Jing struggled to break free.

“Alright, you go. You go and deal with your matters. ” Lu Yuxi let go and said with a smile.

Lu Yuxi let go and patted his back with a smile. With Ling Hu’s help, things should be much easier.

“arrest them for me. ” Ling Hu used other expressions when facing the others.

“No, I didn’t break the law. Let me go and bring me here. ” The bureau chief and the bully leaders expressed their serious refusal.

Although there weren’t many people, it was enough to deal with them.

“everyone, listen to me. Now that the matter has been settled, the bully and his so-called bureau chief will receive the punishment they deserve, so don’t worry. ”

Everyone was stunned for a while. “Miss Lu, is what you said true? ”

Lu Yuxi smiled. “Of course it’s true. I have no reason to lie to all of you. ”

“Miss Lu, are you really not lying to us? Could it be that you were captured not long ago and then released? When that time comes, we will definitely suffer. ”

“everyone can rest assured about this matter. Whatever crimes they have, we will investigate them clearly. We will definitely not let them off easily. ”

“Then, then will Daniel still hold on tight? ” A girl said embarrassedly. It seemed that she was interested in the simple and honest Daniel.

Lu Yuxi smiled helplessly. “Of course not. They were the ones who made the first move. Naturally, no one will blame her. ”

“That’s great, that’s really great. Miss Lu, we thank you. We really thank you. ”

Some people even knelt down. “Miss Lu, how should we thank you? I’m kneeling down for you. ”

“We’re kneeling down for you. If it weren’t for you, who knows how long this bunch of animals would have bullied us. ”

“everyone, don’t be like this. It’s just a piece of cake for us. We can’t take it if you guys are like this. ” Some of them were even grandmothers. How could she take it.

“everyone, listen to me. If everyone is really grateful to me, then forget about the unhappy past and start a new life. ”

“Yes, okay. ” Everyone’s excitement seemed to be unbearable.

Perhaps it was because they had done a good deed, but at the same time, they were also paying tribute to their good mood.

“Master? Then I… ” Ning Haowen was a little hesitant as he watched Lu Yuxi’s men take her away and Lu Yuxi say such words …

Lu Yuxi Patted Ning Haowen on the shoulder. “Haowen, I know what you want to say. You can do as you please with your mother’s matter. Your mother’s matter is more important. When you have time to study, call me. I’ll wait for your call. ”

Ning Haowen did not expect Lu Yuxi to say such a thing. All along, Ning Haowen had thought that Lu Yuxi was Xixi’s chairman and had done so successfully. It would be difficult for him to speak. He did not expect that.

Ning Haowen was an honest child. If he did not speak, perhaps he could only keep it in his heart and not speak.

At this moment, Lu Yuxi also saw da Bao and Xiao Bao, who had been looking at Lu Yuxi with their big eyes. They had the same dark skin as her brother, Ning Haowen. They were really cute.

Lu Yuxi squatted down slightly. “What are your names? How old are you? Can you tell me? ”

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