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Chapter 884

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Da Bao and Xiao Bao carefully hid behind Ning Haowen. Facing Lu Yuxi, they were still a little afraid of strangers.

“Da Bao, Xiao Bao, don’t be afraid. Sister doesn’t mean any harm. I’m just talking to you. Can you tell her? ” Ning Haowen said patiently.

Perhaps the sudden death of their mother had dealt quite a blow to the two children. They would hide themselves in fear when they saw strangers, especially when they saw the cold eyes of the Hei Bu. They were even more afraid to hide.

Ning Haowen squatted down and said carefully, “Da Bao, you’re the older brother, right? You should be a role model for your younger brother. Now that the older brother is here, don’t be afraid, okay? ” Ning Haowen was 18 years old, while da Bao was 6 years old. There was a 12-year age difference, while Xiao Bao was only 4 years old There was also a 14-year age difference.

Perhaps it was because of Ning Haowen’s consolation, da Bao slowly let down his guard and carefully held Xiao Bao’s hand. The two little hands holding each other made people feel pitiful.

“Xiao Bao, the older brother wants us to talk to this elder sister. Can we talk to her? ” Although da Bao was only a small age.

However, every time Ning Haowen was not at home, da Bao would take care of Xiao Bao. Thinking about it, a six-year-old child, who was originally a child, needed someone to take care of him. However, he had to take care of a younger brother who was two years younger than him One had to know how much courage parents had to rely on to leave two children at home.

Perhaps it was because of da Bao’s encouragement, Xiao Bao also let down his guard and slowly walked out from behind his brother.

“I’m Da Bao. Xiao Bao, quick, what’s your name? ”Comparedd toXiaooBaoo, daBaoo was more daring.

“I, I’m Xiao Bao. ” Although she spoke, it could still be seen that she was shy.

Lu Yuxi looked at them and could feel that she was very sad.

“Da Bao and Xiao Bao, can you tell elder sister, do you want to go to school together with other children? ”

Although Ning Haowen tried his best to be satisfied with this family, he could not continue to support his younger brother. His mother’s medical fees were too expensive, and there was nothing he could do.

Da Bao was already in the first grade, and Xiao Bao could also go to kindergarten. If he sent them to school, Ning Haowen might be able to study in peace. That way, he would be able to support his family better.

Da Bao shook his head. “No, I don’t want to study. ”

“Why? ” Lu Yuxi was confused.

Hei Bu looked at Lu Yuxi meaningfully. When she helped people, she was always the most charming. Her long eyelashes and beautiful side profile always made people want to kiss her.

Because Xiao Bao did not know what studying was, his eyes looked everywhere. He did not care about what Lu Yuxi said. “Why, can you tell your sisters? Are you afraid of being bullied at school? ”

Lu Yuxi was very patient and asked word by word.

“No, Da Bao loves reading. Every time I leave school, he would bring Xiao Bao to my house and let me teach him the lessons I learned today. Also, Da Bao is very smart. He can learn it right away. ” A little girl with a pigtail jumped out and said.

“Meng Meng, don’t say it out loud. ” Da Bao immediately rushed over and carefully covered the little girl’s mouth.

The little girl seemed to know what she had said and immediately covered her mouth with her hands.

Lu Yuxi seemed to have understood something instantly. “Da Bao, let me bring you to the school to report tomorrow, okay? ”

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