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Chapter 886

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After dealing with the matter of Ning Haowen’s mother, Lu Yuxi left with Hei Bu.

Halfway up the mountain, Lu Yuxi lost her hand. She was too tired. “Hei Bu, I can’t take it anymore. I’m so tired. ”

Why didn’t she feel such a high slope when she was going downhill? She was really exhausted now.

“You really can’t take it anymore. WHO said you wanted to fight me for 600 rounds? ” Hei Bu said deliberately.

Lu Yuxi blushed. “You bastard, why are you saying this again? ”

“Let’s not talk about this. which book do you think I should read? ”

“Aiya, stop being so boring. Hurry up, carry me up, ” Lu Yuxi said in a coquettish tone.

Hei Bu did not say anything. He walked directly to her, turned around, and squatted down. “Come Up. ”

Looking at his broad back, Lu Yuxi smiled and directly leaned over. “thank you. ”

Sometimes, although Hei bu was stubborn, he always had to indulge all his little emotions.

Perhaps it was because the Hei Bu’s back was too warm, or perhaps it was because his steps were too steady. Unknowingly, Lu Yuxi fell asleep.

When she woke up again, she was already in the car, and her head was resting on the HEI BU’s legs.

“You’re awake? ” The Hei Bu looked at Lu Yuxi indifferently.

Lu Yuxi opened her eyes in a daze. “Eh? Hei Bu, when did I fall asleep? ”

“When you were going up the slope just now, you might have been too tired and fell asleep on your own. ” The Hei Bu rarely explained, but she did not expect this explanation. It was really out of her expectations.

Lu Yuxi glared at Hei Bu and deliberately said in a heavy tone, “maybe I didn’t sleep well last night, so I fell asleep today. ”

Hei Bu turned his head and didn’t look at Lu Yuxi, but it was obvious that she was laughing secretly.

Lu Yuxi raised her eyebrows and laughed secretly. She took her cold hand and stuffed it into HEI BU.

“Lu Yuxi, what are you doing? ” Hei Bu jumped up from the cold.

When it was cold, her hands and feet were cold. Lu Yuxi also realized that as long as she stretched her hand out, he would shrink back. It was proven that Hei bu was afraid of the cold.


“nothing, I just wanted to see how you would look when you were afraid of the cold. “? ? Lu Yuxi said with a smile …

The car suddenly came to a stop.

Lu Yuxi did not have a support point, so she suddenly leaned forward. The Hei Bu quickly hugged her, “be careful. ”

Lu Yuxi patted her heart to calm herself down, “Uncle Liu, what’s wrong? What happened? ”

“Young Master, Young Madam, a large group of people suddenly appeared in front of us. They seemed to be heading in the same direction, as if something happened. ”

“Don’t bother about it. Avoid them and drive over. ” Whatever happened had nothing to do with Lu Yuxi. She did not want to bother about so many things.

“No, there’s no other way. There are too many people blocking this place. The car from the other side is also driving over. There’s no way to avoid them, ” Uncle Liu said with a frown.

All of a sudden, the sound of car horns could be heard.

“What exactly happened? So many people gathered here to cause trouble or something. Is there no one to bother about it? ” Lu Yuxi said unhappily.

“Young Madam, wait a moment. I’ll go down and find out what happened. ”

“Okay, go. ” Lu Yuxi was too lazy. She just stayed in the car and didn’t want to go out.

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