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Chapter 887

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In less than a while, uncle Liu ran back from outside.

“Young Madam, there are people jumping off the building in front of us, that’s why there are so many people watching. ”

“If anyone wants to jump off the building, let them. We can’t control them. ” There were many people who were born, aged, sick, and died. She couldn’t control everyone, right.

If anyone really wanted to die, she could save them once, but she couldn’t save them again.

“But Young Madam, there are too many people now. We can’t get out. ”

“Then let’s wait for a while. The police will come to deal with it soon. ”

“But Madam, the building in front is the Lu Corporation’s building. Are you sure you want her to jump? This way, it won’t be good for the Lu Corporation’s reputation. ” Uncle Liu hesitated for a long time and finally decided to say it out loud.

Young Madam was the miss of the Lu Corporation. She should care about these things. If she said it out loud, she should pay attention to it.

“Lu Corporation’s building? ” Lu Yuxi quickly opened the window and looked out.

“It really is the Lu Corporation’s building. ” Her father had said last time that he would buy a high-rise building nearby. She had almost forgotten about it.

“where are the police? Are The police here? ” Lu Yuxi looked left and right as she asked.

“Young Madam, a street is the most famous and lively street recently. According to the traffic jam, if the police want to come, it might take some time. If no one stops them, something might happen. ”

“No, this is the newly purchased building of the Lu Corporation. If the people above jump down, if this gets out, it will not be a good thing for the Lu Corporation. ” Lu Yuxi frowned.

“What do you want? ” Hei Bu glanced at Lu Yuxi, not knowing what she was thinking.

“Let’s go out and take a look. ” As she said this, Lu Yuxi did not wait for Hei Bu’s reply and got out of the car.

She originally thought that she did not need to care so much, but it seemed that she was thinking too much.

“Huang Ziting, why are you treating me like this? What did I do wrong to make you treat me like this? ” Huang Ziting was obviously very emotional.

Huang Ziting sneered, “you didn’t do anything wrong to me, but if you’re wrong, then you’re in love with the same man as me. ”

Huang Ziting was stunned. “What do you mean? I don’t understand! ”

“You don’t understand? Fine, I’ll tell you. I like my brother-in-law. I love him. Do you understand? ” Huang Ziting showed an evil expression.

“Huang Ziting, you’re too shameless. I’m your sister after all. My parents won’t recognize you if you treat them like this. ” Huang Ziting was even more excited because of what Huang Ziting said.

Huang Ziting and her husband got married last year. Although a year had passed, they were still very loving. She didn’t expect that her biological sister would make her dizzy and tie her up here on the roof of this building.

“Shut up. You’re the one who’s shameless. If it weren’t for you, Ah Yuan would love me. Your appearance is unnecessary. As long as you die, ah Yuan will be mine. ” Huang Ziting’s expression was afraid.

Huang Ziting didn’t expect that her sister, who looked exactly like her, would want to kill her.

“Huang Ziting, let go of me. If I fall from here, you won’t be able to escape. ” Huang Ziting was so angry that she wanted to break free of the rope that bound her, but she couldn’t move.

“Let go. There’s no door. If you fall down from here, there shouldn’t be anyone who has anything to do with me, right? When the time comes, I will pretend to be you and live by Ah Yuan’s side. ” Huang Ziting laughed loudly.

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