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Chapter 888

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“Huang Ziting, wake up. Although you look exactly like me, our personalities and attitudes are different. Even if ah yuan can’t recognize us, do you think our parents, who have raised us for more than 20 years, won’t recognize us? ”

“I naturally know this. This is also the reason why I have been staying at your house for the past year. ” Huang Ziting smiled strangely.

Huang Ziting’s forehead suddenly turned red, and her eyes widened in fear. “What do you mean? Could it be… ? ”

“You guessed it right. During the time I stayed at your house, I imitated you all the time. Do you think I can be Yuan Xin’s wife? ”

As she said that, she deliberately made a subtle gesture in front of Huang Ziting that she did not know about.

“Huang Ziting, is it useful to lie to yourself like this? Do you want to wear my mask for the rest of your life? ”

“Even if I lie to myself, at least I can get yuan. And you will appear on the news tomorrow. The daughter of the Huang Corporation, Huang Ziting, committed suicide because of love. At that time, I will officially become you. Hahahaha. ”

Huang Ziwu suddenly walked towards Huang Ziting and deliberately made her turn her head. “Huang Ziting, look, this floor is so good. It feels fast when you fall. Also, look, the crowd downstairs must be sending you off. ”

“Huang Ziting, YOU BASTARD! AH! ” Huang Ziting wanted to struggle to get the rope in her hands, but she had no choice. The rope was too thick. No matter how hard she tried, it was useless.

At this time.. Huang Ziting took out a needle from her bag. “sister, I will send you off for the last trip. After this injection, I will untie the rope for you. I hope you are well down there. I will burn more paper money for you during the New Year. You can go in peace. ”

She looked at the terrifying light in the sun.

Huang Ziting retreated in fear and used her legs to support herself. “sister, please don’t do this to me. I’m your sister after all. Don’t do this to me. ”

“Do you think this is possible? Sister, I’ll send you on your way first. ” She approached Huang Ziting step by step.

Huang Ziting used all her strength to struggle. “No, Huang Ziting, stop. I’m pregnant. Are You so evil that you want to kill two lives at once? ”

Huang Ziting thought that her words would make the crazy Huang Ziting stop. Who knew that it was just her one-sided thought.

“You’re actually pregnant. You’re actually pregnant. ” Huang Ziting became excited because of these words.

“PA! ” A slap landed on Huang Ziting’s face.

“How can you be pregnant? If you’re pregnant, you’ll die even more. As you speak, the needle directly pierced into Huang Ziting’s body. ”

Huang Ziting only felt a tingling pain in the place where she was stabbed. After that, she did not feel anything.

“This medicine will soon have a feeling. I will push you down before the police arrive. No, I should say that I will push you down the moment the police arrive. This way, I will have a witness who will see that I did not do it, but that you danced on your own. ”

“Huang Ziting, you beast. We grew up together. I will give you all the good things. Even who was ah Kang’s fianc��e back then? You said that you liked him, but I did not snatch him from you. I gave you everything. Why do I love such a man? Why do you want to snatch him from me? Isn’t Ah Kang more outstanding? ”

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