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Chapter 889

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“Don’t tell me, Kang. If you hadn’t refused to give it to me back then, I wouldn’t be in such a miserable state. This man cheated on me outside and even transferred all his assets behind my back. Tell me, should I thank you? ” Huang Ziting basically gritted her teeth and spoke to Huang Ziting She wished she could slap her to death.

“I tried to persuade you back then. If it was like this, you wouldn’t be able to control his heart. You were the one who didn’t listen to me. What else could I do? ” Huang Ziting started to feel her body slowly becoming weak She could only try her best to stall for time and wait for others to save her.

“You B * Tch, shut up. If you had married him back then, I wouldn’t be so down and out. I am Su Yuan’s wife. ” Huang Ziting became even more agitated.

Huang Ziting could already feel that her strength was slowly losing. She was originally sitting, but now she was half lying down. Her eyelids became heavy. She no longer had any strength. It seemed that.. She wouldn’t be able to see the sun tomorrow.

“You die right now. Get up. ” Huang Ziwu excitedly Untied Huang Ziting’s rope and pushed her to the edge.

Huang Ziting thought that she could persuade her at the last moment, and perhaps there was still a chance of survival. Who knew that she was overthinking.

Because the people downstairs could not see the situation upstairs clearly, they all thought that the upstairs was going to jump, and they all expressed their worry.

“Oh my God, it can’t be. It can’t be that it’s going to jump, oh my God… ”

“Oh my God, why can’t I think things through? Looking at this height makes people feel afraid. Jumping down like this, sigh… ”

Everyone was afraid when they thought of that scene. Some of the cowards even hid in the building opposite.

“It’s almost time to jump. Why aren’t the police here yet? ”

“It’s already blocked up like this. It’ll take some time for them to get in. ”

Although this building was not fully operational, this was mainly a hotel. If anything happened, who would dare to stay here.

The noise downstairs was incompatible with the atmosphere upstairs.

When Huang Ziting tried hard to push Huang Ziting to the edge, Lu Yuxi and Hei Bu had already entered the roof.

“It’s not good to die here. Why do you have to die here? This is a newly built building. With you guys like this, how can the people here do business in the future? ” Lu Yuxi said as she approached, while Hei bu followed behind Lu Yuxi.

Suddenly hearing a voice, Huang Ziwu was shocked and immediately turned her head, “who are you guys? What are you doing here? ”

Huang Ziting, who had already closed her eyes and was waiting for death, heard another voice. She immediately opened her eyes as if she saw a glimmer of hope.

“It doesn’t matter who we are. As long as you know that if you want to die, don’t die here. In the future, the Lu Corporation will still be glorious here. I don’t want you to leave any stain here, ” Lu Yuxi said expressionlessly.

Huang Ziting also felt that something was wrong. If this continued, wouldn’t they know that she was killing people and not saving them She had to take some action.

Huang Ziting’s expression immediately changed. The hand that was holding Huang Ziting could not help but tighten. She was even pushing it out forcefully. “sister, can you come down? Listen to me. That man isn’t worth what you’re doing. Can you come down? ”

Huang Ziting did her foreplay to the fullest and switched her identity completely.

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