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Chapter 890

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When Huang Ziting heard Huang Ziting’s words, her eyes widened as if she had heard something that surprised her.

“sister, can you come down? Don’t be rash. ” Huang Ziting tried her best to force out her tears.

Lu Yu smiled coldly and shook her head. Although she did not see through her tricks at the beginning, now it seemed that she was completely faking it. Moreover, this was not a suicide, but a murder.

If this woman with tears and Snot really told her sister not to jump off the building and wanted to stop her from doing so, she would not have allowed her body to be so dependent on outsiders.

Moreover, she and Hei Bu were already here. She could have asked for her help and pulled her back. However, she did not. Lu Yuxi could see that she was a little Pale due to her strength.

Huang Ziting could not speak. She could only try her best to signal Lu Yuxi with her eyes. However, Lu Yuxi did not see it. Huang Ziting quickly blocked in front of her, completely blocking her.

“sister, come down. You are letting mom and dad down by doing this. They have raised you so big. They are not going to make you look bad. ” There was one more thing. There was one more thing that could push her down.

Seeing that Huang Ziting was getting closer and closer to the edge, Huang Ziting got more and more excited. She was almost there.

The moment Huang Ziting was pushed down, Hei Bu took a big step forward and immediately grabbed Huang Ziting’s clothes, pulling her up. It was this pull that scared Huang Ziting and she fell to the side.

Lu Yuxi hurried to Huang Ziting’s side, “are you okay? ”

Huang Ziting was completely powerless. She couldn’t open her mouth at all. She didn’t even have the strength to speak.

Lu Yuxi told her to keep her mouth shut. She seemed to have understood something. “Alright, stop talking. You just need to tell me if you’re alright. If you’re alright, blink your eyes and let me know. ”

Huang Ziting could not move. She could still blink her eyes back then. She only told Huang Ziting to blink her eyes hard.

After seeing that Huang Ziting was alright, Lu Yuxi was relieved.

Huang Ziwu could not care less. She immediately got up and ran to Huang Ziting’s side. “Thank you, thank you for saving my sister. I’m really grateful to you. Sister, are you alright? You’re alright. It’s not worth it to be with a man like that. ”

Damn it, who were these two people? How could they ruin my plan? What should I do now? If Huang Ziting doesn’t die, she will definitely tell everyone about it. At that time, won’t my plan that I’ve been planning for so long be ruined?

No, I have to think of a way to kill Huang Ziting. Otherwise, I won’t be able to do anything after the drug wears off.

“thank you so much. If it weren’t for you two, I wouldn’t know what to do. Now I have to take my sister home and ask her not to do such a stupid thing. ”

“sister, let’s go home. Let’s not do such a stupid thing. Let’s go home, okay? ” Huang Ziting squatted down and tried to help Huang Ziting up.

“Go home? Why did you bring her home? ” Lu Yuxi grabbed her words and refused to let go.

Huang Ziting smiled to express her embarrassment. “My sister is not in a stable mood. I want to bring her home. Maybe when we get home, with the advice of my parents, she won’t be like this. ”

“Is it really like this? She can’t move no matter what. Why didn’t you ask why? Why didn’t you send her to the hospital? Why did you choose to go home? ”

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