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Chapter 891

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“Hehe, Miss, you probably don’t know this, right? My sister has a strange illness. As long as she’s nervous, her muscles will stiffen and she won’t be able to move. The doctor said that she’ll be fine. She’ll be fine in a while. ”

As she spoke, she tried her best to help Huang Ziting up.

“Huang Ziting, how long are you going to pretend? ” Lu Yuxi said expressionlessly.

“Hehe, I don’t know what you’re talking about. ” Huang Ziting did not know how Lu Yuxi knew her, but he had to pretend that he did not know anything.

“You don’t know what I’m talking about. You’re really good at pretending. ” Lu Yuxi sneered, looking like she was not optimistic at all.

“Miss, I don’t know what you mean. What do you mean by pretending? I’M NOT PRETENDING! ”

Damn woman, not only did she ruin my good deed, but now she actually wanted to expose me?

“Huang Ziwu, don’t think that I can’t recognize you. Don’t think that I can’t recognize you because of the twins. Do you want to kill Ziting? ” “You’re really vicious. How could you do such a thing? Are you even human? ” Lu Yuxi was obviously a little agitated.

Huang Ziwu immediately frowned. Since she had been exposed, there was no need for her to continue pretending. “Who exactly are you? How do you know about us? ”

She did not know any of this woman and the man beside her. How did she know about her and Huang Ziting? Moreover, it was impossible for an ordinary person to be able to tell her apart so easily. How did she do it.

“Why should I tell you who I am? Do you think it’s necessary for me to tell you? ” Lu Yuxi said with a cold face.

In fact, when Lu Yuxi saw Huang Ziting and Huang Ziwu just now, she was also shocked. She did not expect it to be them. She really did not expect it at all.

The reason why she knew these two sisters was because when they were in university, Yang ran and she were classmates and best friends.

Since Yang ran was a good friend, they were also her good friends. Therefore, they had always been best friends. For a very, very long time, at least for more than four years, they often got together They had definitely become good friends who would say anything.

The year that her accident happened, she seemed to have abandoned her and Yang ran and never appeared again. Later, Lu Yuxi found out that it was because her sister had jumped to her death and she had left the country. From then on, it was as if she did not know her and Yang ran anymore.

Now it seemed that someone had used her identity to not recognize us. In fact, the one who died that year should have been her sister.

She did not expect that after being reborn, Lu Yuxi would find out the truth of the matter.

She was really excited to see Huang Ziting. Perhaps it was a long-lost friend, or perhaps it was because she missed her for a century.

“There’s no need to tell me. This is my family matter. I can handle it myself. There’s no need for you to trouble me, ” Huang Ziwu said coldly to Lu Yuxi.

“I think you’re afraid that she’ll tell others because you didn’t succeed in pushing her downstairs. Now you’ve thought of a way to handle it, right? ” Lu Yuxi went straight to the point.

From her previous life, Lu Yuxi had always thought that Huang Ziting was not a good person. However, she did not expect her to be so vicious. In this life, how could she let Huang Ziting leave.

“What I want to do is none of your business. Please move aside. I want to go over. ”

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