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Chapter 894

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“Aiyo, don’t cry anymore. Yiyi, be good, don’t cry anymore, okay? ” She had been crying for an entire day, why didn’t she stop? It seemed that being a grandmother wasn’t that easy.

From Afar, Lu Yuxi heard the sound of a child crying. She dropped the bag in her hand and ran over.

“What’s wrong, mom? Why is Yiyi crying so loudly? ” Lu Yuxi immediately took Yiyi from Nuo Rouye’s arms.

“I don’t know either. She has been crying for a long time today. She won’t eat even if I feed her. It’s not like she peed her pants. I don’t know what’s wrong with her. ” Nuo Rouye was also very worried that her granddaughter would suddenly cry like this.

Hei Bu frowned even more. Looking at the crying Yiyi, he wasn’t in a good mood either.

“What’s wrong? WHO’s crying so loudly? ” Hei Qingqing had just finished work and came in from outside.

Lu Yuxi felt that something was wrong. “Qingqing, come over and see what’s wrong with Yiyi. I heard from mom that Yiyi has been crying for the whole afternoon. ”

Hearing Lu Yuxi’s words, Hei Qingqing didn’t have time to take off her coat and immediately ran over. “Let me see. ”

When Hei Qingqing saw Yiyi, her little face was red with tears and her heart ached. However, she didn’t feel feverish when she touched her head. She looked at other places and didn’t see anything wrong. “Mom, did you give Yiyi something to eat? Why are you crying like this? ”

“She heard that she did not eat anything. How did I feed her anything? ” Nuo Rouye expressed that she did not know anything.

“What is this? ” When Lu Yuxi pulled Yi Yi’s sleeve open, a badly damaged spot caught Lu Yuxi’s attention.

This place looked like it hurt even for adults, and Yi Yi was just a child. It was not impossible for her to cry like this because of the pain.

Hei Qingqing took over Lu Yuxi’s position and saw that there was a badly damaged spot on Yi Yi’s fair and tender arm. Some parts of her flesh could even be seen. She was a little angry. “What is going on? ”

Nuo Rouye was shocked when she saw this. “What, what’s going on? How could there be this? It wasn’t there when the wet nurse and I were bathing with her last night. Why would there be this now? ”

Nuo Rouye’s heart ached when she saw this.

Due to Hei Bu’s height, she could see the wound on the baby’s arm from afar. She immediately turned around and went upstairs.

Lu Yuxi seemed to have thought of something as she watched hei bu run upstairs. “Mom, hold Yi Yi. We’ll be back soon. ”

Hei Qingqing: “Mom, come quickly. I’ll get some medicine for Yiyi. ”

Seeing Yiyi crying like this, as a grandmother, she had no idea what had happened to her. Nuo Rouye couldn’t stand it anymore and started crying.

“It’s all my fault. I didn’t take care of Yiyi. She didn’t even know that she was injured like this. ”

“Okay Mom, don’t blame yourself. You didn’t know that things would turn out like this. Besides, it’s already happened. It’s useless for you to blame yourself now… ” Hei Qingqing applied the ointment on Yiyi A child’s skin was so tender. Now that such a big wound had appeared, how painful would it be for her.

Lu Yuxi, who was following behind Hei Bu, also used her fastest speed to catch up. Sure enough, she saw Hei bu sitting in front of the computer and starting to click the mouse.

Sure enough, he was thinking the same thing as her, which was to pull up the video at home.

After the baby was born, Hei Bu had installed some cameras in order for Lu Yuxi to monitor the baby from time to time. Who knew that it would come in handy.

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