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Chapter 895

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Lu Yuxi couldn’t care less whether she was breathing or not. She ran straight to the position of Hei Bu.

“How is it? Did you see anything? ” Lu Yuxi stared at the screen, but because the screen was spinning too fast, Lu Yuxi couldn’t see anything. Even if she could see anything, it would only be for a while.

“Hei Bu, you’re moving too fast. I can’t see anything. ” Lu Yuxi wanted the HEI BU to slow down so that she could help take a look.

The screen was divided into several areas, but the HEI BU still watched very quickly.

Looking at Hei Bu’s appearance, it seemed like he was really angry. Seeing Yi Yi like this, Lu Yuxi was also very distressed, but she did not react as much as Hei Bu.

At this time, Hei Bu’s hand that was holding the mouse stopped and retreated a little.

On the screen, it seemed like there were guests at home. Nuo Rouye went out to be a modern guest, leaving behind a wet nurse and three sleeping babies.

Then, perhaps Yi Yi was hungry, but there was a sudden movement. It seemed like she was crying.

Xiao Feng and Xiao Shun also joined in the fun and started crying.

The wet nurse picked one up casually. From the clothes, it should be Xiao Shun.

Perhaps Xiao Shun was a little more obedient. After comforting him, he immediately went to sleep. Then, he picked up Xiao Feng. Xiao Feng was not someone who could stop crying so easily. It was impossible for him to sleep without carrying him around.

Sure enough, after comforting him for a while, the wet nurse did not seem to have much patience. She directly threw Xiao Feng onto her small bed.

Lu Yuxi saw this scene and covered her mouth in disbelief. She could not regain her senses for a long time and tears gathered in her eyes. Oh God, what was she doing? She actually threw Xiao Feng directly onto the bed. Perhaps if it was not for the small bed being specially made by Hei Bu.. Perhaps she would have suffered a concussion from the fall.

Following that, the nanny also picked up Yiyi.

Lu Yuxi did not dare to continue watching. She could not imagine that the plot of the television would appear on her. There was really such a thing as a nanny abusing a child.

Lu Yuxi could feel her heart beating rapidly. She really did not dare to continue watching. She did not know how she would treat Yiyi.

Hei Bu could also see Lu Yuxi’s sadness. His large hand covered her small hand and held it tightly.

Lu Yuxi glanced at Hei Bu. In the end, she still insisted on watching.

After the nanny picked up Yiyi, she comforted her for a while. Perhaps because Yiyi was still crying, she also threw Yiyi onto the small bed. She seemed to be angry and cursed a few times.

Then, the wet nurse who was looking at the baby suddenly looked outside, as if she was checking to see if anyone had come in.

Then, she opened Yiyi’s sleeve and revealed the gold bracelet on her hand.

This gold bracelet was given to Yiyi by Lu Yuxi’s grandmother. She said that it was for Yiyi, hoping that she would grow up to be beautiful.

The wet nurse was perhaps too greedy. She grabbed Yiyi’s gold bracelet and pulled it back and forth, causing Yiyi to cry. Children’s arms were usually made of flesh. With her actions, the gold bracelet came out, but Yiyi’s injury should have been caused as well.

Perhaps it was because she heard Yi Yi’s crying too loudly, Nuo Rouye, who was meeting the guests, immediately ran over and comforted Yi Yi. As for the wet nurse, she pretended as if nothing had happened, which really made people angry.

Lu Yuxi could not hold it in any longer and tears fell down. Her heart ached, it really hurt.

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