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Chapter 896

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Following that, the Hei Bu continued to scroll up the video. The higher it went, the more Lu Yuxi’s heart was tormented. As expected, even the obedient Xiao Shun was also tormented and fell heavily onto the small bed.

Lu Yuxi’s heart ached so much that she felt suffocated. Usually, when she watched television, she would find it unbelievable that there was such a case of a wet nurse abusing a child. She did not expect it to happen to her own child now.

Perhaps it was too much to break down, Lu Yuxi’s legs almost went soft and she fell to the ground. Fortunately, the HEI BU was quick.

From Hei Bu’s expression, it seemed that he was not in a good mood either. Moreover, his expression was serious.

Hei Bu Hugged Lu Yuxi’s shoulders. “Let’s go, let’s go down. ”

Lu Yuxi’s legs were still a little weak. She could not recover from her emotions for a long time. “Okay. ”

Seeing Lu Yuxi and Hei bu going down together, the two of them did not look too good either. Hei Bu Hugged Lu Yuxi, which made Lu Yuxi look very weak.

“What happened to you guys just now? Why did you run up in such a hurry? ” Nuo Rouye expressed that she did not understand.

Perhaps it was because she was too tired from crying, or perhaps it was because of the effects of the ointment, Yi Yi, who was still crying a moment ago, had already fallen asleep in Nuo Rouye’s arms.

Hei Qingqing hurriedly went forward to support Lu Yuxi, who was about to collapse. “sister-in-law, what happened? ”

Lu Yuxi Sat on the Sofa and shook her head, not saying a word.

“Hei Bu, tell me, what happened to your wife? Why did she suddenly become like this? Did you bully her up there? ” Nuo Rouye said with a dark face.

“Aiya, MOM, don’t make trouble. How could brother bully sister-in-law? Think about it with your head and you should know. ”

“Then what happened? You suddenly ran up and now you’re not talking. Who wants to die of anxiety? ” As she said that, she put the sleeping Yi Yi on the cradle and sat beside Lu Yuxi.

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“Mom, go and see if the gold bracelet that grandma Yi put on her is still there? And the chain on Xiao Feng’s body. ” Lu Yuxi suddenly said something incomprehensible.

“Xiao Xi, what are you talking about? Of course it’s there. Was it still there when I bathed them last night? where else could it have fallen to? ” Nuo Rouye expressed her disbelief.

This was Hei Qingqing who had already rolled up Yiyi’s sleeve. “Mom, there’s no gold bracelet. There’s nothing there. ”

“It’s on the right, not on your side. ” As she said that, she rolled up Yiyi’s sleeve. “Eh, wasn’t it still here last night? Why isn’t it here today? Did it fall somewhere? ”

“Mom, don’t look for it. Someone took it away. ” Lu Yuxi said lightly.

“How is that possible? The bracelet is so tight. If I forcefully took it out, Yiyi would be hurt. I just… ” as she said that, Nuo Rouye didn’t continue, as if she had already realized something.

“sister-in-law, what do you mean by this? ” Hei Qingqing also felt that something was wrong.

“Xiao Xi, don’t scare me. Who is so detestable that he would treat my Yiyi this way just for a bracelet? ” Nuo Rouye’s heart ached terribly.

“Nanny, come out for a moment. ” Hei Bu suddenly said with a cold expression.

“Why are you calling me nanny? The nanny is with me all day long. I watch them almost all day long. If they do anything to the babies, would I not know? ” Nuo Rouye expressed that she did not agree with HEI BU’s words.

“Mom, don’t talk anymore. Big Brother knows what he’s talking about. ”

Because the wet nurses were busy preparing the baby’s milk powder in the kitchen, the moment they heard the sound, the three of them came out together.

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