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Chapter 897

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“Young Master, you called for us? ” The three wet nurses bowed to show their respect to their master.

The three wet nurses were all of different ages. One was already in his forties, one was in his thirties, and the other was in his twenties.

Before Hei bu could say anything, Lu Yuxi stood up. “What do you think the Hei family has done to you? ”

The 40-year-old lowered his head. “The old Madam knew that my son had left before the full moon. Seeing that I was pitiful, she took me in to work here and treated me very well. Therefore, I will use my own abilities to take care of the baby better. ”

Indeed, Lu Yuxi had also seen it clearly. Although this wet nurse was a little old, she would definitely love the child very much since she had a child in her old age. However, who would have thought that such an unfortunate thing would happen.

And she was also the one who took the best care of the three babies among the wet nurses, even better than her own mother.

“What about you? ” Lu Yuxi looked at the 30-year-old wet nurse.

The reason why Lu Yuxi asked this was not because she had nothing to do, but because the three wet nurses had similar figures and their clothes were exactly the same. In order to let the babies sleep better, she pulled the curtains back. It was too dark.. They could not see clearly which one it was.

“I got married at the age of 18. I wasn’t pregnant until last year, which caused my in-laws and husband to dislike me. After the divorce, I found out that I had a baby. I left my husband and gave birth to the baby by myself. The Hei family treated me very well. They gave me a job and provided me with food and clothes. ”

The 20-year-old’s eyes were red as he said, “I got pregnant at the age of 19. Now that I’ve given birth to the baby, my family is pointing fingers and my work unit is giving up their jobs. This has made me lose hope in life. If it weren’t for the Hei family taking me in, I might have already been on the streets with the baby. I will use my best ability to deal with the HEI family. ”

The three of them said different things, but Lu yuxi locked her eyes on one person.

“please make a pose, let me see how you hold the baby, ” Lu Yuxi continued.

Although she did not understand why Lu Yuxi wanted them to do this, she still did it.

This time, Lu Yuxi really had a specific target. “Men. ”

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“Young Madam. ” The servants immediately took their positions.

“All of you, go to her room and search immediately. See if there are any gold bracelets and chains belonging to young masters and young misses. ” Lu Yuxi suddenly pointed at the 30-year-old woman.

“Yes. ”

Hei Bu tacitly sat down and quietly waited for the result. He might not be able to see this, but Lu Yuxi, who was sensitive, definitely did not feel any pressure.

“Xiao Xi, what did you see? ”

“Yes, sister-in-law, what did you see? Is it really this wet nurse? ” Hei Qingqing, who could not tell at all, was still confused.

The 30-year-old wet nurse was stunned for a moment. “Young Madam, what did I do wrong? Why did you search my room? ”

Lu Yuxi was stunned. “You abused my son and daughter. What did you say I was going to do? ”

This time, Lu Yuxi seemed to have displayed her unreasonableness.

“You can leave now. ” When Lu Yuxi questioned the 30-year-old wet nurse, she did not forget to let the 40-year-old wet nurse and the 20-year-old wet nurse leave.

“Young Madam, I didn’t. I really didn’t? I treated the young miss and young master like my own son. I really didn’t abuse them. I really didn’t. You have to believe me. ” The 30-year-old wet nurse acted very innocent

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