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Chapter 898

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Lu Yuxi’s attitude changed when she saw the 40-year-old wet nurse and the 20-year-old wet nurse leave one after another.

“I’m sorry for using you as Bait, right? ”

Lu Yuxi’s words stunned not only the wet nurse, but also Hei Qingqing and Nuo Rouye. They did not understand what Lu Yuxi was doing.

Although the wet nurse had just found out that she had been wronged, she was relieved after hearing Lu Yuxi’s words. “Young Madam, it’s fine. ”

“sister-in-law, what are you doing? Isn’t it her? ”

“It’s not her. After I confirmed that it wasn’t her, I used her as Bait. The one who abused the babies was actually someone else. ”

“It’s someone else? ” Hei Qingqing asked in surprise.

“Yes, we’re going to catch the ‘murderer’ now. I want to see how she will pretend when the evidence is conclusive. ” Lu Yuxi’s expression was strange.

The large group of people started to walk towards the wet nurse’s room.

“What are you doing? ” Hei Qingqing suddenly held the wet nurse’s hand that was hiding something.

This wet nurse was not someone else, but the 20-year-old young wet nurse.

Perhaps she did not expect that someone would suddenly come in, and was completely shocked.

“Miss. . . Miss. . ”

“Don’t call me, tell me quickly, what are you hiding? ” Hei Qingqing looked at her innocent expression and felt a little angry, so she simply let go and picked it up herself.

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Sure enough, Lu Yuxi’s guess was right, the bracelet that Hei Qingqing picked up was indeed Yiyi’s gold bracelet.

When Nuo Rouye saw it, she angrily walked forward, “did you really do Yiyi’s injury? Is that right? ”

The young wet nurse hurriedly knelt down in front of everyone. “Miss, old Madam, I didn’t. I don’t know why this bracelet is here. It really has nothing to do with me. ”

Looking at the young wet nurse’s teary eyes, Lu Yuxi’s frown deepened. “If you didn’t take these things, why would they appear in your room? ”

“Young Madam, it wasn’t me. It really wasn’t me who took them. Someone must have wronged me. It must be. ” The young wet nurse seemed to have no intention of admitting it.

“You can act more like it. From the way you carried the child and those tearful words, I’m completely certain that it was you. ”

“It really wasn’t me. Young Madam, listen to me. Listen to me, okay? I really didn’t steal it. Moreover, I took care of the young master and the young miss as if they were my own children. How could I treat them like this? ”

Lu Yuxi pointed at her angrily. “My own children? How ridiculous. You threw the babies onto the bed once and you still said that. Don’t you think it’s ridiculous? Do you think you can deny it now? ”

In Hei Qingqing’s impression, Lu Yuxi had always been a dignified, smart, and perfect woman. Today, seeing her violent side, it was clear how angry she was.

“What? You threw the babies onto the bed! ” Nuo Rouye was instantly dumbfounded by this sentence.


“How could you do this? Are you even human? How could you do this to such a young child? Are you even human? ” Nuo Rouye did not care about her image and was extremely angry.

“Old Madam, I didn’t. I didn’t. Please believe me. ” Seeing that there was no reaction to Lu Yuxi’s plea, the young wet nurse turned her attention to Nuo Rouye.

“enough, stop pretending to be innocent. The cameras in the babies’ room have recorded your crime. Just wait for the police to take you away. ” After saying that, Lu Yuxi Left.

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