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Chapter 899

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“someone, call the police, ” Hei Bu, who had been silent all this while, said when it was about time.

“No, young master, it’s not me. Do you have to believe me? ” She had never thought that they would know that she had done such a thing. She had thought that they were rich and would not pay attention to jewelry and such, but who would have thought…

It was all that woman’s fault. If she had not asked her to do this, she definitely would not have done it. If she was caught, her life might be over.

“young master, it really wasn’t me. Please, don’t call the police… ” Hei bu did not care about her at all. He did not even look at her …

After leaving the nurse’s room, Lu Yuxi went to the babies’room.

The babies were still young. Other than crying, they were mostly sleeping.

Lu Yuxi’s small bed in the middle, which was also yiyi’s small bed, stared at her sleeping face. The Sleeping Yiyi seemed to have forgotten the pain in her arms and was enjoying her small hands.

Hei Bu came in from behind and saw her like this. He frowned. He knew that she must be blaming herself.

Hei Bu walked towards Lu Yuxi and pulled her into his arms. “It’s alright now. ”

Lu Yuxi leaned against hei BU’s chest and hugged him tightly. “Hei Bu, I’m sorry. It’s all because of my incompetence as a mother that I’m like this. I’m sorry. ”

Hei Bu touched her head He seemed to be comforting her. “Back then, when you weren’t pregnant, I already said that I married you not to make you the housekeeper at home, but to make you be yourself. No one expected this to happen. ”

Lu Yuxi didn’t say anything, but HEI BU could feel her tears wet her shirt. She loved her baby so much, and she even loved herself. How could she not feel sorry for her.

Because she was worried that her baby would fall on his head, the next day, Lu Yuxi and HEI BU brought the three babies to the hospital for a check-up.

“Wow, so cool. Look at him holding the baby. It’s so cool. One on each side, so handsome. ” Although it was a hospital, hei bu was still eye-catching.

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“What a pity, he’s already a father. ”

“So what? Maybe he’s a single father. ”

“Come on, didn’t you see the woman carrying the baby next to him? Look at her face and figure, and then look at you. Do you think you have the right to stand next to her? ”

Lu Yuxi was helpless about this. It seemed that her husband was the most pleasing to the eye wherever he went.

However, not to mention, because of Hei Bu’s height and because of his broad shoulders, he actually had a super cool feeling when he carried the baby.

When they arrived at the pediatrics department, not only were there patients, even the nurses were infatuated with Hei Bu.

“Hei Bu, you’re really charming. Look, you’re already carrying two children, and there are still so many girls who seem like they want to marry you, ” Lu Yuxi said provocatively.

The corners of Hei Bu’s mouth curled up. “If you’re not charming, how could I snatch you away from so many outstanding men? ! ”

“enough, you. If it wasn’t for the fact that I fainted from nausea, I definitely wouldn’t have married you, ” Lu Yuxi quipped and snickered.

“Hei Yunduo’er! ” The nurse called out from the examination room.

“Let’s go. It’s our turn. Let’s go in together. ” Because they were registered together, Lu Yuxi might as well go in together. This way, she would save herself unnecessary trouble and also save everyone from looking at her husband with ‘Lewd looks’ .

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