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Chapter 900

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“according to the check-up you just performed, the children are fine. You can rest assured about this. Although they fell, the softness of the bed is suitable. They are fine, ” the doctor said at the same time while holding several reports in his hands.

Lu Yuxi was still a little uncertain. “Doctor, from the video, it seems that they used a lot of strength. Are you sure that they are fine? ”

She did not know the details, so she could only ask someone who knew more than her.

The doctor smiled. “according to common sense, it’s normal for the baby to fall, but the baby is fine. Maybe it’s because of the small bed, or maybe it’s his own problem. “? ? ?

Although she did not understand what the doctor said, Lu Yuxi still pretended to understand and nodded.

When she came out, Lu Yuxi asked uncertainly, “Hei Bu, did the doctor just say that our baby is okay? ”

“Yes. ” Hei Bu realized that ever since Lu Yuxi gave birth to the baby, it was really like what others said. One pregnancy was foolish for three years.

“okay, since there’s nothing else, we’ll go back, ” Lu Yuxi said in the tone of a baby.

Just as she turned the corner behind the door, Lu Yuxi saw a familiar figure.

“Ou Qi, are you talking to me like this now that you’ve grown up and have the ability? No matter what, I’m still your elder. Don’t talk to me in that tone. ”

“Ou Qi, don’t go too far. If you make your third aunt angry like this, isn’t this money just a small matter to you? Why can’t you take a little out? ” Third uncle scolded.

“third aunt, third uncle, don’t be like this, okay? The doctor said that Huahua is fine. It’s just a little cut. There’s no need to make a fuss about it… ” Ou Qi said helplessly, but she didn’t dare to refute.

“It’s fine. How can it be fine? I think this doctor doesn’t know anything. Look at Huahua. Her hand is so swollen. How can it be fine? ” Third aunt had to exaggerate the matter.

“third aunt, it’s like this. The doctor said that it’s just a temporary swelling and that it didn’t hurt the bones. It’s fine. Go back and get some medicine. Then, apply ice to it and the swelling will go down. ”

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“Don’t say such things to me. I think you’re looking down on us. You don’t want to spend the money on Hua Hua. ” Third uncle looked very angry.

“Uncle, i… ” Ou Qi was really helpless and did not know how to explain. Before he could say anything, he was interrupted again …

“Okay, don’t call us. If you can’t bear to part with these two dollars, then shut up. We don’t want to hear you talk. ”

Third aunt pulled Hua Hua angrily and wanted to leave. “Go, Hua Hua, let’s go. Don’t do this kind of person. This kind of person is someone who forgets everything when they have money. ”

Third uncle replied, “to think that the television even said that she was some Big Star. I think this is all an act. She is the Ou family’s jinx. ”

The Ou family really said everything. If it wasn’t for ou Qi’s disguise, who knew how many people would have gathered to watch.

Ou Qi held Huahua’s hand and wanted to use her hand to pull third aunt. “third aunt, don’t be like this. You’re making it difficult for me. ”

Huahua looked at Ou Qi with disdain. “cousin, don’t catch me. Mom and Dad said that you’re a jinx and not a good woman. ”

Ou Qi didn’t expect Huahua to say that about him even though she was so young. He really didn’t expect this.

“Okay, I’ll give you the money. ” In the end, Ou Qi still compromised.

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