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Chapter 901

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Upon hearing that there was money, third aunt and third uncle’s expressions changed. “Aiya, Ou Qi, you’re being so polite. We’re just saying, don’t take it seriously. ”

“That’s right, we’re just saying. You know, it’s inevitable for children to be mischievous. You know that our family is facing some difficulties, so we might have to rely on you in the future. ” Third Aunt’s family said with a smile, obviously eager to see money.

“Hua Hua, quick, quickly thank cousin. ” Knowing that they were about to get the money, their attitude was naturally not bad.

Ou Qi really had no choice but to take out the card from her bag. “there are tens of thousands of yuan here. If you really need it, third aunt, you can take it first. ”

Ou Qi knew that if she did not take out the money today, she would not be able to settle this matter.

Seeing the card, third uncle’s eyes lit up. “quick, Huahua, hurry up and thank cousin. Your cousin wants to give you money. ”

Huahua looked like she had been trained and immediately revealed a cute smile. “thank you, cousin. ”

Ou Qi put on a fake smile. “okay. ”

“Then, Ou Qi, third aunt still has some matters to attend to. She might need to leave for a while. You can go ahead and get busy. Don’t bother about us. ”

“Okay, okay. ” Although Ou Qi was smiling, she was already clenching her fists in her heart.

How could ou Qi not know what they were thinking? They were using Hua Hua’s injury as an excuse to ask for money. If she didn’t give it to them, she would go around bragging that she wasn’t filial to them and didn’t treat them as family. If she had money, she would fall out with them and so on.

Ou Qi didn’t want to hear all this. It really made her feel disgusted. Why? Why couldn’t her family ask for help? Why couldn’t she get rid of it.

“Ou Qi. ” Lu Yuxi stopped her from behind.

Ou Qi turned around and saw Lu Yuxi holding the baby, and Hei Bu, who was beside her. He was stunned.

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“Xiao Xi, why are you here? ”

“I wanted to ask you, why are you here? This is the pediatrics department? Why? Do you have a child? ” Lu Yuxi asked without any reason.

“No, I’m not pregnant. Moreover, the pregnancy is not for the Pediatrics Department, ” Ou Qi said helplessly.

Lu Yuxi walked closer to her and pointed at the back of the Ou family. “I saw you pulling and pulling with them just now. What’s your relationship with them? Do you know them? ”

Ou Qi hesitated for a moment. Lu Yuxi’s question made her stutter. “No, no one. Who is it that didn’t leave? ”

Lu Yuxi suddenly became serious and stared at her. “You’re lying, aren’t you? As long as you’re lying, you’ll stutter. Hurry up and tell me, who are they? If you don’t tell me, I’ll be angry. ”

Seeing the two women talking, Hei Bu didn’t interrupt the topic. He simply found a place to sit at the side and watched them talk.


Ou Qi immediately lowered her head, feeling embarrassed for her lie.

“Ou Qi, do you think I don’t know about you? No matter what, I’m still your friend. What other things do you have that I don’t know about? If you don’t tell me, you can’t solve it by holding it in. ” Lu Yuxi frowned, wanting her to say it out loud.

Perhaps Lu Yuxi had asked too many questions, but in the end, ou Qi could not help but say, “they are my aunt and uncle. You should have met them when you went to my house last time. ”

When Lu Yuxi heard this, she immediately became angry. “What? You said that they are the family that has always been aggressive? It’s them? Why are they looking for you? Is there something they want from you? ”

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