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Chapter 902

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Lu Yuxi seemed to have thought of something. “Cut, I saw you give them the card just now. Did they come to you to ask for money now? ”

“Yes. ” Ou Si was like a child who had done something, waiting for Lu Yuxi’s criticism.

Lu Yuxi was indeed very angry. “Ou Qi, what do you want me to say about you? Why are you so stupid? Didn’t you see their faces just now? They looked like they were greedy for money. How excessive. ”

Yi Yi moved a little in Lu Yuxi’s arms. Lu Yuxi carefully comforted her, not letting her wake up.

“Let’s go to another place. Let’s sit down and talk. ”

? Because of the Babies, Lu Yuxi chose a quieter restaurant so that the babies could sleep well …

At the same time, she settled the matter in front of her. “What do you want me to say about you? I knew this would happen. How did this happen? How did they find you? ”

Logically speaking, Ou Qi was not a second-rate celebrity, but a big-name celebrity.

It was not a simple matter to meet her. Moreover, shouldn’t they be in the countryside There was no television, and the Internet was not developed. How did they know about Ou Qi? These questions were all swirling in Lu Yuxi’s mind.

Ou Qi lowered her head. “I don’t know how they knew that I was already famous. Just half a month ago, they found my current economic company and caused a huge ruckus there, saying that they wanted to find me. ”

The more Lu Yuxi heard, the angrier she got. The Ou family was really too much. Just thinking about it made her very angry.

“If it wasn’t my own economic company and there weren’t any Paparazzi outside, I might have become the top celebrity again. ”

“Ou Qi, tell me the truth. How much money did they take from you in the past half a month? ” Lu Yuxi knew that Ou Qi was kind-hearted and gullible, so it must have been more than once.

Ou Qi was stunned as if Lu Yuxi had guessed correctly. Her fingers kept moving. “I… I… ”

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“Ou Qi, don’t hide it from me. Tell me the truth. I won’t hurt you. ” Lu Yuxi frowned.

“Five Times. ”

“I knew the number of times wouldn’t be less. Tell me, how much did they take? ” Lu Yuxi chased after them.

“460,000. ” Ou Qi slowly said a number.

“What? 460,000? Isn’t she asking too much? She actually took 460,000. ” For the villagers, 460,000 was a lifetime of money. They thought they were just greedy, but they didn’t expect to be so greedy.

“Ou Qi, if they come to ask you for money again, or use some other excuse to ask you in front of your eyes, don’t give them any more. ” Lu Yuxi was extremely serious.

“If you continue to give them this, they will only become more and more greedy. At that time, they will be even more demanding. ”

“I know this. I am. I have no choice. I really have no choice. ”

“there is nothing that I can not do. Don’t give them a single cent. Let them stop this idea. ”

“Xiao Xi, I know that you can help me, but I feel that it is impossible for me to get rid of my greedy relatives. I can already feel the restraints they have on my future. ”

“Ou Qi, are you stupid? I said I can help you, so I will. Do you still remember the last time I went to your house and asked them to sign the paper? ”

“Yes, why? ” Ou Qi did not understand what Lu Yuxi meant.

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