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Chapter 903

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The last time, when she went to Ou Qi’s house, Lu Yuxi already knew that something like this had happened, so she had already made the proof.

“It’s written clearly in there. If they take the money from that time, no matter how successful you are in the future, they can not harass you. Have you forgotten? ”

Ou Qi shook her head, not knowing what to say.

“Ou Qi, I know you’re in a difficult position, but do you really want to let them bully you for the rest of your life “You came here so hard just to let them continue to bully you “Wake up, they will take it for granted how much they take from you. You’re just insulting yourself. ”

Perhaps it was because of Lu Yuxi’s words, Ou Qi listened quietly and did not speak.

“think about it yourself! ” Lu Yuxi left her some space, and left with Hei Bu.

Lu Yuxi could help her for a while, but she couldn’t help her for the rest of her life. There were some things that she had to do on her own.

“Hei Bu, wait for me. I’m going to get a bottle. I think Yiyi’s bottle that I took just now was left with the doctor. ”

“Isn’t the bag in your hand? Where are you going? ” Hei Bu reminded her.

Lu Yuxi lowered her head and said embarrassedly, “Eh, it’s true. I thought I lost it somewhere. ”

Recently, Lu Yuxi always felt that she had forgotten everything. Sometimes, she even forgot what she wanted to do as soon as she turned around.

“Alright, since the inspection is over, let’s go back. Yiyi, let’s go, we’re going back. ”

Looking at Lu Yuxi who had been acting a little strange recently, Hei Bu frowned. Recently, she seemed to be in a daze, completely like the Smart Lu Yuxi from before.

“What are you standing here for? Hurry up and leave, mom should be waiting for us at home. ”

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Lu Yuxi’s questions did not seem to be noticed by anyone. Hei Bu also treated it as a forgotten certificate after giving birth, which was normal. However, who knew what would be discovered later?

Recently, Lu Yuxi had spent almost all her time practicing dancing. She only had a little time to look at the baby every day, and there were still a few hours left.

“What are you doing? Put It away for me. ” Seeing that Lu Yuxi had relaxed and did not lift her leg, Mary sue immediately stopped her.

The sweat on Lu Yuxi’s forehead was obvious, and there was a pained expression on her face. She was very tired, she was really tired. However, since she had promised to compete, she had to prepare well.

However, what Lu Yuxi did not expect was Mary Sue. She did not expect Mary Sue to be so easy to talk to. When it came to training, she was really the devil’s teacher.


Although it was definitely not an exaggeration, it had to be said that her training was indeed very fruitful. She had not danced for so long, and after being taught by her, it seemed that all of her fundamentals had returned, and she seemed to be on a higher level.

“A little higher. Don’t drop the flesh of your calf, or you won’t be able to consolidate it. ”

Lu Yuxi had no choice. She knew that she must not have worked hard, but she still did not give up. She insisted on raising her leg high.

“Oh my God, look at my daughter-in-law. She is so tired. Come down quickly and rest for a while before training. ” At this time, Nuo Rouye ran in.

Mary sue was stunned. “Oh my, Ye, what are you doing? I’m practicing with Miss Lu now. You’ll disturb us. ”

“Mary, look at you too. You’ve been training for a whole day. You should find some time to rest, right? ” Nuo Rouye was very touched that Lu yuxi had helped her achieve her dream. However, she also felt sorry for her. She must have been exhausted.

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