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Chapter 904

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Mary sue simply pushed her out of the practice room. “Ye, I know you feel sorry for your daughter-in-law, but there’s not much time left. If you don’t practice, I’m afraid you won’t be able to catch up to one-tenth of the others. ”

“But… ” Nuo Rouye had also practiced like this, but she had at least a few years of foundation. Xiao Xi only had so-called talent, which was really difficult …

“Mom, don’t worry. Aunt Mary is doing this to make me better. I’ll be fine. ” Lu Yuxi lifted her legs better. No matter how much cold sweat there was on her forehead, she also tried her best to lift them up.

Nuo rouye frowned. “Alright then. Xiao Xi, be careful. Don’t fight so hard, okay? ”

“okay, don’t worry. ” Lu Yuxi gave her a relieved expression.

Although Nuo Rouye’s heart ached, she was afraid of disturbing their practice, so she left.

“What are you looking at? I don’t have time to show you. Hurry up and practice for me, ” Mary said seriously.

Lu Yuxi had no choice but to lift her legs to her limit…

“I’m so tired. ” Lu Yuxi suddenly fell on the bed, her left hand constantly beating her back.

Hei Bu glanced at Lu Yuxi, put down his book, and sat down beside her.

Lu Yuxi was too lazy to raise her head. “Why are you still up so late? Aren’t you flying to Europe to watch the events tomorrow? ”

“Yes, I’m reading some documents. ” After so many days of practice, he had always waited for her until the latest until she returned to her room.

When he looked at Lu Yuxi again, she was already asleep. Her long eyelashes were like Yi Yi’s, pouting as she slept. She was very cute.

Hei Bu shook his head helplessly. For the past few days, she had always fallen asleep as soon as she returned to her room. He felt sorry for her.

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He gently carried her and headed to the bathroom… …

The next day, when Lu Yuxi came over, the bed was already empty.

She got out of the bed in a daze, and the curtains were drawn.

The sunlight shone into the room, and it was so warm that one could not help but take a deep breath.

Today, Mary Sue was not around. She had already taken her identification card to register. It was estimated that she would not be here for the next two days. Therefore, in other words, she could play to her heart’s content in the next few days.

“knock, knock. ” There was a knock on the door.

“Who is it? ”

“Young Madam, breakfast is ready. Madam wants you to go down for breakfast. ”

Lu Yuxi stretched her body. “okay, I got it. I’ll go down in a moment. ”

Lu Yuxi patted her face and took a deep breath. “Lu Yuxi, a new day has begun. Good luck… ”

“morning, mom. ” Lu Yuxi slowly walked down the stairs.

“morning, Xiao Xi. Did you sleep well last night? ” While Nuo Rouye was concerned about Lu Yuxi, did she not forget to tease the little guy?

“very well, thank you mom. ”

After seeing the little guys sleeping soundly for a few days, Lu Yuxi’s heart ached when she saw their bright eyes looking at her.

“En… en? ” While playing with her fingers, Yiyi made a strange sound. Although it was very soft, it was really cute.

“Aiyo, look at our Yiyi. Are you hungry, or are you excited when you see mom? ” Nuo rouye teased.

Lu Yuxi laughed. It seemed that these few days of separation did not make the little guys hate her.

The more she saw their cute expressions, the more Lu Yuxi could not stand it.

“Here, Mommy is here. Have you guys eaten? Are you hungry? ”

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