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Chapter 907

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“The dark sky droops, the bright stars follow, the insects fly… ” this song seemed to hit Lu Yuxi’s heartbreak …

“sister-in-law, what are you looking at? ” Hei Qingqing looked at Lu yuxi staring at the children, as if she was thinking about something.

Lu Yuxi came back to her senses. “No, I’m just thinking about something. ”

This memory was like she had seen it in her previous life, so she stopped in her tracks.

“Xiao Ye, Aiya, you’re here? ” A dignified lady walked out from inside.

Her Age did not leave any traces of age on her face, and she still looked quite young. This must be the Auntie Deng that Qing Qing had mentioned.

“Hello, Auntie Deng! ” Hei Qingqing called out sweetly and immediately hugged Madam Deng

Madam Deng looked happily at Hei Qingqing who was grabbing onto her. “Look, she’s already grown up, why is she still so clumsy? ”

Hei Qingqing acted coquettishly and said to Madam Deng, “Aiyo, aunt Deng, don’t you know that she’s like this because she misses you? ”

Nuo rouye shook her head helplessly, “I can’t help it, maybe you gave her too much candy when she was young, and now she might even want to ask you for it. ”

Hei Qingqing’s face immediately turned red, “NO WAY! ”

Although Lu Yuxi was not familiar with her, she still nodded out of politeness, “hello, Madam Deng. ”

Madam Deng was stunned, who was this girl in front of her who looked extremely elegant She seemed to have never seen her before. “This is? ”

Nuo Rouye immediately started to show off. “How is she? Is She very pretty? ”

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Madam Deng nodded in satisfaction. “Yes, she’s pretty good. Very Pretty. ”

“thank you madam for your compliment. ” Lu Yuxi felt a little embarrassed after being discussed by so many people.

“How can she not be pretty? Why don’t you take a look at whose daughter-in-law she is? ” Nuo rouye smiled brightly. All along, Deng Jia had always said that his daughter-in-law was the champion of the beauty pageant and no one could compare to her. Now it seemed that his daughter-in-law was still pretty.

Madam Deng started to look at Lu Yuxi seriously. “Oh? This is Xiao Xi? No wonder she can take away the heart of our Hei Bu. So she is such an outstanding girl. ”

“thank you, Madam Deng. ”

“Aiya, please don’t call Madam Deng an outsider. Just call me Auntie Deng like Hei Bu. ” Madam Deng did not seem to treat Lu Yuxi as an outsider.

To be honest, when she first saw this girl, she was gentle and virtuous. She was indeed qualified to be hei BU’s daughter-in-law and the future mistress of the Hei family. No wonder she was able to deal with elder HEI BU and the others.

Madam Deng looked behind the three of them and realized that she didn’t see Hei Bu. “Eh, why didn’t I see Hei Bu? Didn’t I ask you to come together? ”

“Hei BU company had some projects and they went to Europe today, so they couldn’t come. He asked me to apologize to you, ” Nuo Rouye replied.

“This kid seems to be quite busy… ”

“Mom, mom, is HEI BU GE here? ” A black figure rushed out of the house He looked very excited.

However, he looked left and right, but didn’t see HEI BU. He was a little disappointed. “where’s HEI BU GE? Didn’t I hear you talking about Hei Bu Ge just now? ”

“Little Zi, you can’t be so rude. Hurry up and meet him, ” Madam Deng said with a cold and stern face.

Perhaps this sentence had frightened her, but she immediately stood up. “Hello, Auntie Nuo. ”

Nuo rouye smiled. “Mm, good, good girl. I didn’t expect that in the blink of an eye, little Zi would already be so tall. ”

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