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Chapter 908

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“No, don’t praise her. If you continue to praise her, you’ll be proud. ” Madam Deng said with a smile. “She deserves to be proud, she deserves to be proud. ” Nuo Rouye said with a smile. Hei Qing Qing didn’t know much about this woman. Although it wasn’t wrong for her and her brother to come here often since they were young, this woman still followed her brother more often. “Mom, didn’t you guys talk about Hei Bu Ge? Why haven’t I seen him? ” Xiao Zi looked left and right, wanting to see the man she missed day and night. Nuo Rouye was a little embarrassed. “Hehe, little Zi, Hei Bu didn’t come, so you don’t have to look for him. ” A discerning person could tell what she meant with just one look. In addition to her childhood foundation, it was obvious that she liked Hei Bu. Hei Qingqing didn’t like her to begin with, and now seeing her like this, wanting to pursue her big brother, she was really unhappy. “Big Brother had some matters to attend to and went abroad. Now, sister-in-law has come. ” Hei Qingqing said sister-in-law clearly. “SISTER-IN-LAW? WHAT SISTER-IN-LAW? ” Xiao Zi was not very happy because of Hei Qingqing’s words. “Sister Xiao Zi, don’t you know? My big brother is already married. This beautiful lady is my sister-in-law. ” Hei Qingqing pretended to be innocent and said. “married? Why didn’t I know? ” Xiao Zi seemed to have heard something incredible. “How could I not know? At that time, I told you that your Hei bu big brother was going to get married and asked you to come back to the country when you were free. You ignored me. I thought you had already listened. ” Mrs. Deng said calmly. “How is this possible? I don’t believe it. ” Xiao Zi was a little irritable because of this. “If you don’t believe it, I don’t believe it either. I didn’t expect that such an outstanding Hei bu would be someone that no one liked at that time. Looking at it now, it’s already someone else’s husband, ” madam Deng said with a smile. Perhaps it was because she was provoked, Xiao Zi looked at Lu yuxi and then ran away. “This girl, what happened today. Ye, don’t mind it. ” “No, we’re all little girls. Our minds are all like that. ” Nuo rouye smiled. “Alright, everyone, let’s not stand here. Let’s go in and have a seat. My grandson is in the house. ” From Madam Deng’s tone, Nuo Rouye could hear the pride in her voice. She would not be outdone so easily. “Alright, Qingqing, Xiao Xi, don’t push the cart anymore. Just carry the baby inside. ” At this moment, Madam Deng realized that she did not even notice the child beside them just now She thought it was someone else’s baby. “Ye, who are these few? ” Looking at the few extremely cute babies, madam Deng was completely captivated. “these three are my grandsons and granddaughters. Aren’t they cute? ” You always show off in front of me, but now I see you like this. “grandsons? Granddaughters? I say, Ye, when did you adopt so many? You’re not afraid that I’ll laugh at you, so you adopted them, right? ” Mrs. Deng said in amusement. Hei Qingqing couldn’t help but say, “aunt Deng, you misunderstand. My Mother didn’t say that I adopted them, but my sister-in-law gave birth to them. She gave birth to three babies in one go. ” “three babies in one go? That can’t be, right? It’s rare to see someone so powerful. ” It was Mrs. Deng’s turn to be embarrassed. Her daughter-in-law had given birth to several babies, but none of them were as good as her daughter-in-law’s. In order to quickly change the topic, she said, “alright, don’t just stand here. Let’s go in. Everyone’s inside. ”

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