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Chapter 911

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Due to the large number of people, a simple meal and other activities had caused the sky to slowly turn dark.

“although the sky is slowly turning dark, our activities are not over yet. We have already prepared rooms for everyone to rest. Please rest for a moment. We will continue our activities later. ”

Initially, when they heard that there were still activities, everyone felt helpless and wanted to leave. After all, they had already been here for a day and would be tired, so they all planned to leave.

However, when they heard that there was a room to rest, they felt much more at ease. After all, they had a child, so they did not rest. The child also needed to rest, so they did not have too many thoughts.

The room was very luxurious, as if it had been specially cleaned to welcome the arrival of an important guest.

From the small cart that was pushed over, Lu Yuxi picked up the baby. “Come, Xiao Feng, let mommy hug you. Aren’t you very well behaved today? There are so many people but you did not cry. You’re so well behaved. ”

Hei Qingqing nodded. “That’s right. If it was someone else’s child, they would not even know how many adults were hugging it. They would not even know how much they would cry. Who would have thought that they did not cry, and even teased the adults at the side so much that they doted on it. ”

“That’s right. Look at whose child it is. How can an ordinary child compare to our Hei family’s child? ”

All of a sudden, Nuo rouye seemed to have become serious. Her words were shocking. “Xiao Feng and Xiao shun are going to inherit the entire Hei family in the future. How can they be afraid of strangers from a young age? ”

This sentence received Hei Qingqing’s approval. “En, how can the direct grandson of the Hei family be afraid of such things? ”

Lu Yuxi couldn’t help but cover her mouth and snigger. “Mom, can you not suddenly become serious? It’s so funny. ”

Nuo Rouye looked at Lu Yuxi expressionlessly. Suddenly, she could not help but burst out laughing, “Haha, I don’t know why I said that. It’s so funny. ”

Just like that, there was laughter until night fell.

“knock, knock, knock” the sound of knocking on the door was heard at this time.

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Hei Qingqing got up from the SOFA and climbed to open the door, “what’s the matter? ”

“Hello, Miss Hei. Tonight’s activity has begun. I don’t know if you are ready, you can go down now, ” The servant said respectfully.

“Yes, we understand. We’ll go down in a moment. ”

“What’s wrong? ” Lu Yuxi stuffed the bottle into Xiao Shun’s mouth, causing Xiao Shun to grumble.

“The activity should have started, so we should prepare to go down. ”

“Yes, we understand. ” With so many babies, it was really hard to know what kind of activity they would do. It was really exciting.

By the time they slowly put on their clothes and arrived at the hall, everyone had basically arrived.

This time, it was Xiuxiu’s turn to speak. “everyone, thank you for staying and participating in tonight’s event. The people participating in tonight’s event are not US adults, but our dear children. ”

When these words were said, it immediately attracted everyone’s discussion.

“CHILDREN’S EVENT? What can children play? ”

“That’s right. Although there are many children present, what can some children play? ”

Xiuxiu smiled meaningfully. “Don’t worry about that. Please look behind and you’ll know. ”

Following Xiuxiu’s hand, everyone looked in the direction behind them.

They saw that behind them were all large props that seemed to be played by children. Moreover, judging from the long track, it should be the children’s crawling speed.

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