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Chapter 913

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Lu Yuxi took a deep breath and exhaled in relief.

How long had it been since she had breathed in the beautiful air under the sky? In the future, the air would become worse due to pollution. She had to take advantage of this moment to breathe in more.

At this moment, the sparse sound attracted Lu Yuxi’s attention.

Lu Yuxi was puzzled. This sound didn’t sound like a familiar sound. Could it be a cat or dog Because of her curiosity, Lu Yuxi stuck her head out and walked towards the sound strangely.

The closer she got, the Louder Lu Yuxi felt the sound. It shouldn’t be a kitten or a puppy. If it wasn’t, it could only be a big dog or something.

But she had never heard of this family having a dog or something. Could it be a wild dog.

The more she thought about it, the more nervous Lu Yuxi became. She swallowed her saliva and picked up a small wooden stick from the side and placed it in front of her chest to protect herself.

Closer and closer, closer and closer…

“AIYO, don’t be like this. People will see you like this. ” When they were almost done walking, Lu Yuxi heard a woman’s voice coming from the bushes.

However, because of the sparse leaves, she did not hear it clearly. She simply stood there and listened.

The man inched closer to the woman’s ear. “It won’t happen again. Besides me, there’s only you here. ”

The woman seemed to be very happy. “AIYO, you’re so bad. ”

The man grabbed the woman’s hand that was hitting his chest. “If a man isn’t bad, how can a woman love him? Don’t you think so? ”

“AIYO, don’t be like this. If someone sees us, how will we face them! ” The woman’s delicate voice sounded coquettish again.

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“It won’t happen. I’ve already checked in advance. There’s no one here. Everyone is gathered in the hall. No one will come here, and no one will know what we’re going to do. ” The man let out a mischievous laugh.

“Come, baby, give me a kiss. Just give me a kiss. ”

Following that was the woman’s pleasant laughter. “Hehe, don’t, I hate you. ”

Following that, in less than a moment, the woman’s moans could be heard…

Instantly, Lu Yuxi seemed to have suddenly understood something and secretly cursed, “Damn it. ”

Lu Yuxi left in a hurry, blushing in embarrassment. She quickened her pace and even wanted to leave this evil place as soon as possible.

As she quickened her pace, she covered her blushing face and cursed under her breath, “Damn it, I thought it was something else. I can’t believe it’s doing this here. Don’t you have a home? Don’t you have money to get a room? Who are you going to show it to here? ”

Although Lu Yuxi was an adult who had experienced two lifetimes of adulthood and was a mother, she still felt embarrassed about this. If it were anyone else, they would have left with a blushing face.

“I’m so angry. My originally good mood was ruined by these two people. It’s really detestable. ” The reason why she came out was because the air inside was too hot. She wanted to come out for some fresh air, but who knew that her face would turn even redder now.

It was unknown how long she had been walking randomly before Lu Yuxi finally reacted.

“It’s over. Where is this place? ” Lu Yuxi was not very good at recognizing the way. Moreover, it was dark now. Moreover, the Deng family was not an ordinary small family. How was she going to walk out now?

“Is anyone there? ” Lu Yuxi was actually afraid of the dark most of the time. Now that it was suddenly dark all around her, how could she not be worried.

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