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Chapter 914

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“Is anyone there? Can anyone hear me? ” Through the Faint Moonlight, Lu Yuxi called out to a dark place.

She did not know how long she had walked or how far she had walked. She did not even know which direction she was in. Moreover, she had come out to get some fresh air. Naturally, she did not have anything on her, including her phone.

“Is anyone there? Can anyone hear me? ”

“Hello, can someone pay attention to me? ”

In the end, the only response she got was a night that could not be any quieter.

How could she have forgotten? How could she possibly call anyone when she was screaming like that? The Deng family’s backyard was so big that she did not even know which corner she was in.

Moreover, everyone was in the hall, so it was impossible for there to be even half a person there. If she was talking about people, then there was only a man and a woman who were doing that kind of thing. They were “doing” their own thing in high spirits, so how could they possibly hear what she was screaming about.

Lu Yuxi looked at the pitch-black grass around her and could not help but shrink back. “Oh my God, it’s so dark here. You won’t let me spend the night here, will you? ”

“It’s so noisy! ” A Lazy Voice rang out.

Lu Yuxi was shocked. She grabbed the stick in her hand even tighter and looked around. She saw that the sound was coming from there.

At this moment, a black shadow attracted Lu Yuxi’s attention. “Who is it? Where is who? ”

“You don’t need to know who I am. I only know. Please don’t disturb my sleep. ” It was a man’s voice, and it seemed to be a little cold.

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Lu Yuxi tried her best to stare at that person, but in the end, other than the shadow, she didn’t seem to be able to see anything clearly. “This isn’t your place. Why can’t I talk or make a noise? ! ”

The man didn’t seem to say anything else and continued to lie on the ground.

“Hey, since you’re here, are you also a guest invited by the Deng Family? I wonder if you know where to walk out from? ” Although he didn’t really like this hateful man, he could be said to be half a savior here It seemed that he knew how to go back.

“…”he still didn’t receive any response.

Lu Yuxi broke out in cold sweat. “Hey, I say, do you know how to go back? ”

She still had to go back and take care of the baby. She was afraid that if the baby was in the hands of others, it wouldn’t be as good as looking at it herself.

“Shut up, ” the man said angrily.

Lu Yuxi was already in a bad mood because she was trapped here. Now that there was a person who came to kill her, how could she swallow her anger.

“Hey, I didn’t offend you. You don’t have to be so bad, right? ”


Lu Yuxi hated being ignored the most in her life. She didn’t expect to be ignored so many times tonight. Was this man a man or not? He was so detestable.

Logically speaking, Lu Yuxi was also a mother. She shouldn’t pay attention to such people. However, sometimes, after staying with the baby for a long time, her personality would be similar.

Lu Yuxi wanted to go over angrily. However, one wrong step, one wrong step, one slip, and she would fall into the swimming pool.

“PLOP… ” she fell into the swimming pool …

Damn it, how could there be a swimming pool here? Wasn’t this the Back Garden How could such a pervert build such a large swimming pool here.

Lu Yuxi wanted to struggle and swim to the shore. After all, this place should not be far from the shore. Even if she did not know how to swim, she should be able to struggle. Who Knew, she was just thinking too much…

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