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Chapter 915

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The Moment Lu Yuxi moved, her entire leg seemed to go numb. She could not move at all, and she was in severe pain.

Lu Yuxi hugged her thigh in pain. Damn it, she actually gave me a cramp at such a critical moment.

Lu Yuxi tried her best to struggle up, but her cramping leg kept dragging her down, and her hand could only slap on the surface of the water.

“Help, help. ” There was no other way. Lu Yuxi could only instinctively call for help. Her mouth was wide open, and she kept drinking water.

“Help, Gulu, help… ” Lu yuxi started to feel dizzy. It was difficult for her to even get out of the water and take a breath …

It was so uncomfortable. Was She going to die It had been so long Why was no one coming to save her.

Everyone in the hall, the men and women who did the work, and that hateful man. No matter who came to save her, she did not want to die. She had just been blessed. How could she die so easily.

So what if she was reborn? Some things could not be done, but she just could not. Some things could not be done, but she still could not do it. No one, including her, would be superman in their next life.

After being reincarnated, she had changed many people, changed many things, and even changed her own fate. Could it be that her life was going to end again?


Lu Yuxi felt her struggling hand being grabbed by a pair of warm hands.

For a drowning person, once they grabbed something, they would grab it tightly, and Lu Yuxi was no exception.

Lu Yuxi only felt herself being pulled out of the water with a strong pull.

“cough, cough” water was still dripping from her head. Lu Yuxi, who had just come out of the water, felt that the air was her only bargaining chip to survive. She tried her best to breathe.

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Slowly, her breathing began to calm down. Lu Yuxi’s trembling hands and feet were also relieved. She also heaved a sigh of relief and struggled to open her eyes.

She saw a man’s face magnified in front of her eyes. Whether it was his skin or his facial features, it made her sigh.

“Alright, if it’s alright, shouldn’t you let me go? ” Sh Coldly said to Lu Yuxi, who had been holding onto her tightly all this while.

Lu Yuxi was stunned. She looked at her own hands, and sure enough, she was hugging his entire arm tightly.

Lu Yuxi quickly let go of him. Her eyes were a little overwhelmed. “Well, I’m sorry. Thank you. Thank you for saving me. ”

The man looked at her coldly and did not say anything else. He casually took off his coat and threw it to Lu Yuxi. Then, he sat to the side, put his hands behind his head, and lay down.

He threw the coat just right, completely covering Lu Yuxi’s entire head.

Lu Yuxi took off the coat on her head in a daze and looked at him in shock.

“This… for me? ”

In the pitch-black night, she couldn’t see his expression clearly. Water kept dripping from his head. The breeze blew, and Lu Yuxi could clearly smell the smell of his clothes.

This should be his smell. This smell was a faint Cologne, but it didn’t make Lu Yuxi feel disgusted.

“thank you. ”

The man ignored Lu Yuxi, and for a moment, he fell into an awkward situation.

However, Lu Yuxi was still quite happy. His personality was very similar to Hei Bu’s, and they were both cold people.

Lu Yuxi could even remember clearly that at that time, the Hei Bu had not been together with her. However, he had a vague feeling about her, and he did not know it.

At that time, he would always act tyrannically and care about her matters.

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