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Chapter 917

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If Lu Yuxi was the type of person who could leave in a hurry, then she would have lost her chance with the Hei Bu. How could there be three more little ones.

Lu Yuxi was not afraid of him. Her face turned cold and she grabbed his arm, “tell me, where are we going back? Let’s go back. ”

Sh was stunned for a moment. He stared at her hand that was holding his, but then he showed a cold expression, “let go. ”

“I can let go, but you have to tell me where we are going back, and you have to follow me back, ” Lu Yuxi insisted.

Sh clenched his fists. “Don’t make me say it again, let go. ”

Lu Yuxi tightened her grip. “I won’t let go, but if you agree to go back, I’ll let go immediately. ”

Lu Yuxi did not know this person’s personality, but they should be similar to the Hei Bu, so she could only use the perseverance she used to deal with the HEI BU to ‘reason’ with him.

Sh tried to pull Lu Yuxi’s hand, but he was held tightly.

Since ancient times, Men’s strength was always greater than women’s strength. Because Lu Yuxi held on tightly, SH could not move, so he could only shake her off.

Although Lu Yuxi had given birth before, she did not feel any weight increase. She had the same figure as before, and because of her recent dance practice, her figure had become even better.

Sh shook her hard, but Lu Yuxi also held on very tightly. With Sh’s strength, Lu yuxi was thrown out along with her arm.

“PLOP… ” without exception, Lu Yuxi was directly thrown into the pool …

Lu Yuxi did not expect herself to hold on so tightly and let him throw her out so effortlessly. She was really shocked, and she even drank a few mouthfuls of water.

“Save, save me… ” Lu Yuxi, who had fallen into the water, would never be able to save herself …

Sh was also shocked by her actions. He had only used a slight force, but he did not expect that he would actually be able to throw her out. She was really too light. There was no gravity at all, and she was thrown out by him.

“Damn it. ” How could this woman be so light? She was thrown out by such a force.

“PLOP… ”

Because she was thrown so far away, SH had no choice but to jump into the water to save her after cursing in his heart.

Lu Yuxi was confused by the choking. He only knew that someone had pulled him up. By the time she realized what was happening, he had already reached the shore.

“cough… cough… ” Lu Yuxi coughed as hard as she could …

Sh was also a little embarrassed. He had only used a small amount of strength. He did not expect to throw her into the pool again.

Although SH was on the wrong side, as a man, he could not be coy. “Are you okay? ”

“cough… I’m fine. I just drank a few mouthfuls of water. ” Lu Yuxi shook her head and let the water on her head fly out.

After falling down twice in a row, she was almost soaked to death.

“You’re so strong. You threw me out in one go, ” Lu Yuxi said with a smile and didn’t blame her.

Lu Yuxi knew that a man like this must have a very strong self-esteem. If she said so, he would probably be even angrier or something.

“sorry, I didn’t do it on purpose. ” Because of her apology, SH became a little gentlemanly.

“I just wet my clothes a little, so I’m fine. But you, you have a fever and now you’re all wet. You’d better go back and change your clothes. ”

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