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Chapter 919

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Lu Yuxi tried hard to pull him up. “Hey, stop saying that I don’t need to care. I’m telling you, there’s no one here. If you faint or something like that, no one will care about you. ”

The man looked around, then looked at Lu Yuxi. In the end, he chose not to speak.

Lu Yuxi pulled his arm. “Can you stand up? If you can stand up, then stand up. You have to know that you’re so big. It’s not easy to get you back. ”

Using the shadow of the night, it could be seen that he was pretty good-looking. Generally, tall men were not only tall but also strong.

The man nodded, indicating that he could still move.

Just like that, Lu Yuxi finally lifted him up. “I say, you don’t have to eat so much anymore. You’re already so tall. You don’t have to grow anymore. ”

The man did not say anything. He just tried to see the road in front of him clearly and gritted his teeth to exert his strength.

He did not know what had happened to him. He was fine just now, but suddenly, he felt his head go black. Then, he collapsed to the ground. It seemed that his fever was really bad.

“Go, why aren’t you going? ” As he walked, the man suddenly stopped.

“It’s not this way. You’re going the wrong way, ” the man said lightly.

“WRONG WAY? It’s not me, right? Didn’t you say it was this way just now? ”

The man shook his head. “It’s this way. ”

“Hehe, I’m sorry. My sense of direction is not very good. You just have to remember to tell me. ” Lu Yuxi had many advantages, but her lack of sense of direction was her biggest weakness.

Sh placed his strength on her body. He was also trying his best not to put his strength on her body. However, if he did not put his strength on her body, it seemed that he would not be able to move at all.

Sh was a head taller than Lu Yuxi. Seeing that she was struggling to support him, he also felt a little embarrassed.

Lu Yuxi was not afraid of weight. Moreover, she did not care about weight at all. What she was most afraid of was that on the way back, they could still hear the voices of the couple.

“Baby, you, you are so beautiful… ”

Sure enough, when they reached that place, Lu Yuxi still heard that voice.

“Damn it. ” Lu Yuxi blushed again in embarrassment.

It was one thing for her to hear it herself, but now she was carrying a man on her back, and she was alone with a man and a woman. How could she be embarrassed to hear such a voice.

“Ahem, well, let’s go quickly. It’s too cold. ” Lu Yuxi tried her best to use her voice to drown out that voice, casually resolving her awkward thoughts.

No matter how dumb she was, she should be able to hear what that voice was just now. Suddenly, the corners of her mouth curled up slightly.

She looked at Lu Yuxi quietly and gently. She did not expect that this woman was quite fun and was actually embarrassed.

“Let’s go. Can you walk faster? ” Lu Yuxi only wanted to leave this place as soon as possible. Once she heard this voice, she was absolutely disgusted.

If Hei bu found out that she was so useless, it would be a joke to her.

Lu Yuxi worked hard and walked step by step. Finally, she saw the back door of the Deng family.

“Oh my God! Hold on a little longer. We’re almost there. ” Lu Yuxi could also see that he was walking slower and slower. He must be suffering. Maybe it was because she kept talking to him that he was able to hold on until now.

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