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Chapter 921

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Lu Yuxi shook off her hand that was about to hit her. “Didn’t anyone tell you that it’s best not to hit others in the face? ”

Because of Lu Yuxi’s strong throw, Xiao Zi could not stand very steadily and almost fell.

Xiao Zi quickly stood up. “HMPH, you’re just a woman. After giving birth and getting married, what qualifications do you think you have to fight with me? ” As she said that, she even deliberately puffed up her chest.

Lu Yuxi sneered. Did she think that she, Lu Yuxi, would leave because of humiliation Then she was wrong.

Lu Yuxi put on her coat happily. “I, Lu Yuxi, have plenty of body. ”

The clothes inside were the gown she was wearing today. It was a light-colored gown to begin with. Because of the fall into the water, the gown was even more close to her body.

Her slender waist seemed to be able to break with just a slight bend. Because she had just given birth not long ago, she was absolutely proud. Coupled with her height, she completely suppressed Xiao Zi.

Xiao Zi was shocked. She thought that she was wearing a loose gown and that it would definitely be an airport. Her waist would definitely be very thick because of the birth. Who would know

Looking at her expression, Lu Yuxi was very satisfied. Hei Bu liked her waist the most. She would not lose her charm as a woman just because she had given birth.

“HMPH, so what? She’s still a woman who has been toyed with before. ”

Xiao Zi was jealous. She was jealous of how Lu Yuxi could marry so well and give birth to such cute three babies. Also, why did her face look so good.

“Let me tell you, I, Lu Yuxi, don’t need you to teach me a lesson. ” After saying that, she narrowed her eyes and left.

Lu Yuxi was not seducing her so-called cousin. Instead, this woman was really too detestable. She actually called her man Hei Bu’s brother. Just thinking about it made her feel disgusted. Who else would she be angry at.

Xiao Zi clenched her fists. B * Tch, do you think you can seduce all the men in the world?

Lu Yuxi had just walked into the hall with her coat when Nuo Rouye and Hei Qingqing asked the people beside her to carry the baby and surrounded her.

“Xiao Xi, what happened to you? Why are you so wet? Where did you drop it? ” Nuo Rouye asked worriedly.

“SISTER-IN-LAW, did you fall into a swimming pool? Why are you so wet? ”

“Aiya, I’m fine. Didn’t I just fall into the water? It’s no big deal. ” Lu Yuxi maintained her smile.

“How can you say it’s nothing? Look, it’s still dripping. Quick, go and change your clothes. Otherwise, you’ll catch a cold later. ”

Xiuxiu also walked over. “Miss Lu, come with me. I’ll bring you to change your clothes. ”

“Yes, Xiao Xi. Hurry up and follow Xiuxiu to change your clothes. ”

“I got it. I’ll go now. ” Lu Yuxi did not want to catch a cold herself. After all, she had caught a cold. It would be difficult for her to get close to the three babies.

“Then, Xiuxiu, I’ll have to trouble you. ”

“It’s okay, Aunty Nuo. This is what I should do. ”

Following behind Xiuxiu, they turned left and right and arrived at her room.

She had just gotten married not long ago and had just given birth to the babies. Therefore, the most books in the room were about the babies.

“Hehe, I’m sorry, the room is a little messy. ”

“No, it looks more like a mother, ” Lu Yuxi said with a smile.

Xiuxiu shook her head helplessly. “Miss Lu, don’t tease me. What do you mean by a mother’s smell? I’m a carefree person. I’m afraid it won’t be easy to take good care of the child. ”

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