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Chapter 922

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Lu Yuxi smiled. “Who said that a careless woman can’t take care of her child? Every woman has a female halo. ”

“hearing you say that, should I thank you? ” xiuxiu jokingly handed the clothes that she had just found to Lu Yuxi.

“I bought this dress secretly on my birthday. In the end, because I was really embarrassed, I didn’t dare to wear it. If you don’t mind, you can change into it. ”

“Okay, thank you. ” Xiuxiu was a police officer. She was born in the military and had a body similar to Lu Yuxi’s.

“Miss Lu, you change first. I’ll go out first. You should know how to answer the hall later, right? ” xiuxiu’s voice came from outside.

“Oh, okay, I got it. ” Lu Yuxi stretched her neck and replied.

There was only a “Kacha” sound. It should be the sound of Xiuxiu closing the door.

Xiuxiu’s taste was really good. The dress was dark purple and belonged to the long skirt category. With Lu Yuxi’s height and high heels, she could definitely control it. She was definitely a goddess.

“Kacha” was another sound, like the sound of a door opening or closing.

Lu Yuxi stuck her head out after changing. “Xiuxiu, did you forget to take something? ”

Lu Yuxi only felt her vision darken. A tall man blocked in front of her.

Lu Yuxi frowned. “Who are you? What are you doing? ”

Looking at him, could he be Xiuxiu’s husband Didn’t he know that she was changing and then came in?

However, she heard clearly that her second brother was a gentle and refined person. Looking at the man in front of her, not only was he big and burly, he was also dark and strong. How could he be gentle and refined.

The man looked at Lu yuxi and said with a smile, “Miss Lu, I wonder if you have changed your clothes? ”

While the man was talking, he kept approaching her. The small bathroom seemed to be filled up for a moment.

Lu Yuxi looked straight at him. Looking at the man who was approaching her, Lu Yuxi was very glad that she had changed her clothes.

The bathroom was too small. After being squeezed to a certain place by him, Lu Yuxi could not step back anymore.

“I have changed my clothes, but can you not be so close to me? ” Lu Yuxi used her hand to block in front of her, preventing him from approaching.

Her expression was cold and extremely hateful. It seemed that she was in danger again.

“Miss Lu, don’t you know that you’re lonely? I’m very lonely tonight, ” the man said in a wretched manner.

“Get lost. ” Lu Yuxi frowned.

“Miss Lu, I’ve heard that your figure is very good. Do you want to take off your clothes and let me see if it’s okay? ” The man did not change his mind because of Lu Yuxi’s words. Instead, he became even more smug.

Lu Yuxi narrowed her eyes dangerously. Good figure If she was not wrong, it should be that Guy Xiao Zi. It seemed that this childish woman was up to something again.

“whether my figure is good or not should have nothing to do with you, right? If I’m done talking, can I leave now? ” If this man used brute force to ‘talk’ to her, it was impossible for her to beat him. Moreover.. She had just changed her clothes, at least, and she had put her gun outside. Now, she did not know what to do.

“This of course has something to do with me. If your figure is good, I will naturally be blessed. ” The man said with a sneer.

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