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Chapter 923

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Lu Yuxi sneered, “is that so? If I’m not wrong, you’re not on the list of invitations, are you? You couldn’t have been sent by someone, could you? ”

She didn’t need to think too much to know what she wanted to do. She had long been tired of these little tricks.

The man raised his eyebrows, “Yo, looks like Miss Lu is very smart. However, since you know, it doesn’t seem to be of much use. ”

“Hehe, if I’m not mistaken, are you mocking me for being me? ” Lu Yuxi sneered.

“MOCKING ME? I’m not mocking you. If I wasn’t like this, I just think that I’m in luck today. ” The man was very proud.

“really? What do you mean? You can do something to me tonight, right? ”

The man looked at Lu Yuxi from top to bottom. “Yo, you mean you can escape from here? ”

“You can try. ” For such a big man, it was impossible for her to use force to deal with him, so she could only outsmart him.

“Try? Do you still need to try? Do you think you can outtalk me with one hand? ” As he said that, the man stretched out one hand. From Lu Yuxi’s point of view, he could definitely use the word ‘strong’ .

“Come here? Come here and try. ” Lu Yuxi waved her hand and said.

The man suddenly laughed, and his smile made people feel terrified. “It seems that that person is right. You are indeed a slut. You actually want a man to treat you badly. ”

Lu Yuxi hooked her eyes. “Come on, let’s try. ”

Lu Yuxi had already put on some makeup today. Now that she was in such a small space, due to the lighting, Lu Yuxi looked even fairer.

“This woman is really hot and of good quality. Come, tonight, I will let you have a good time. You will never forget it for the rest of your life. ” The man smiled as he approached Lu Yuxi.

Lu Yuxi hooked her hand. “Come, I will wait for you. ”

The man rubbed his hands together. “Okay, wait. I will make you happy now. ”

Lu Yuxi’s smile became more and more strange. Although she could not beat him, she had asked the Hei Bu to teach her a few moves. As long as he got close to her, she could only hold on to her crying life.

“Come on, come on! ” A sweet laugh and a seductive gaze.

The closer the man got, the brighter Lu Yuxi’s smile became. This made the man even more excited.

Suddenly, Lu Yuxi’s smile suddenly stopped. She gritted her teeth and kicked at him as if she had used up all her strength.

Lu Yuxi’s kick went straight for his crotch and hit him.

The man covered his crotch and fell down.

He covered his crotch with one hand and pointed at Lu Yuxi with the other. “You, you actually, you… ” he was speechless …

Lu Yuxi kicked him in the thigh angrily. “I told you to bully women. Do you think women are so easy to bully? You’re wrong. ”

This was what the Hei Bu told her. Every man had a fatal weakness when the HEI BU talked. If there was no other way, they would kick him hard. It seemed that this move was quite powerful.

“How is it? Didn’t you say that you could do anything to me? What about now? Get up and catch me, ” Lu Yuxi said somewhat obsequiously.

Her kick just now was not light. It was impossible not to let him lie down for a while. Let him be proud. If he had the ability, then he would be proud.

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