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Chapter 924

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After taking care of this, Lu Yuxi immediately walked over and went to Xiuxiu’s room. She took the gun that she had put away when she changed into her gown.

She had to take care of this place as soon as possible. Otherwise, who knew what Xiao Zi would do next.

After Lu Yuxi took the gun, she immediately wanted to leave. However, the door seemed to have been locked from the outside.

“You actually played tricks on me. Do you really think that a tiger doesn’t show its power? Do you think that I’m a sick cat? ”

Lu Yuxi angrily threw away the lock on the door and returned to the place where the man from earlier was. She saw that the man was still moaning on the spot. It was obvious that he had not recovered yet.

Lu Yuxi kicked him. “where’s the key? ”

The man seemed to be holding a grudge and did not seem to want to tell Lu Yuxi.

“PA! ” Lu Yuxi kicked him again.

“Are you going to tell me or not? Do you want to give me another kick? ”

The man was so shocked that he shrank back. He wholeheartedly protected his baby. “Miss Lu, stop kicking me. If you continue to kick me, I’ll die. The key is not with me, and I don’t have it either. ”

“You don’t have it? You don’t have the door to lock yourself? ”

“I didn’t lock it either. That person only told me to come in and settle you. He didn’t say anything about locking the door. ” The man acted innocent.

Lu Yuxi rolled her eyes. She guessed that he should be useless as well. He was probably just a tool.

At this moment, Lu Yuxi also lowered her voice. “I’m leaving now. If you don’t want to be caught later, I advise you to leave quickly. Otherwise, I think you won’t be too far away from the prison. ”

It didn’t matter whether she caught such a stupid man or not. If she caught him now, it would prove that she was stupid enough. Only then would she catch this man and walk right into the trap.

Lu Yuxi walked out of the corridor of the room. She had observed this place earlier. This was the second floor, and there was a big tree beside it. She could totally use the tree to leave.

Thinking about it, she was about to do it. gritting her teeth, Lu Yuxi lifted up her gown to prevent it from falling out. She grabbed the branch with her hand and used force to prop it up.

When she was young, she was famous for being mischievous. For a tree that was only two floors tall, it was a piece of cake.

She slid to the first floor in no time and clapped her hands. “done. ”

Lu Yuxi looked up again. That man should not stay long after she said that. He should learn to be smart and leave quickly.

Now, Lu Yuxi should go to the hall to see if there were any changes. It seemed that something interesting had happened again.

Sure enough, Lu Yuxi had just entered the hall not long ago when she saw that Xiao Zi had said something to her mother and Nuo Rouye. She saw that Nuo Rouye’s brows were deeply furrowed. It was obvious that she did not believe it.

In order to let herself hear it, Lu Yuxi carefully watched as the waiters came and went to cover her up on the pillar not far away from them. She quietly watched as this woman tried to play tricks.

“Aunt Nuo, you have to believe me. I’m telling the truth. Just now, I saw sister-in-law Xiuxiu bringing Miss Lu in to change her clothes. In the end, sister-in-law Xiuxiu came out. Before Miss Lu came out, a man went in. ” Xiao Zi said righteously.

Nuo Rouye’s expression was not very good. “Xiao Zi, I don’t know if aunt Nuo has ever told you since you were young. As a person, you have to have evidence when you speak. There are really many people here. Don’t talk nonsense. ”

Nuo Rouye’s words clearly showed that she did not believe what he said, and there was even a sense of favoritism.

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