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Chapter 926

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Lu Yuxi, this woman, was good-looking and had a good figure. She admitted it, so if she let this man in now, he wouldn’t be so stupid as to let him go.

Moreover, she would give him a considerable amount of income afterwards. She believed that he wasn’t stupid.

“This is the room. I saw a man enter with my own eyes. Moreover, I secretly locked the room just now. I believe that no one will be inside. ”

Humph, Lu Yuxi, Lu Yuxi, there are so many people here. One sentence from each person can make you lose your reputation and make you proud. Let’s see how proud you can be.

“sister-in-law Xiuxiu, this place is locked. Only you have the key. Can you come and open the door? ” Xiao Zi pulled on Xiuxiu.

Xiuxiu looked at Madam Deng in a daze.

Madam Deng said indifferently, “open it. ”

The corner of Xiao Zi’s lips curled up more and more. Lu Yuxi, your good days seem to have come to an end. Now, you just have to wait for everyone to criticize you.

Nuo rouye frowned. She would never believe that Lu Yuxi would do such a thing. She would never believe it even if she was beaten to death.

“There’s no one inside. ” Xiuxiu, who was the first to enter, shrugged her shoulders and walked out.

Nuo rouye revealed a surprised expression. She knew that her daughter-in-law would never do such a thing. As expected, she did not disappoint her.

Hei Qingqing also smiled, “right? Even if it’s impossible for me, how could my sister-in-law do such a thing? ”

“How could it be? I clearly… ” she had already let that man in. It was impossible for there to be no one …

“It’s impossible for our Xiao Xi to do such a thing. I said that you were mistaken, but you refused to admit it. There’s nothing I can do about it. ” Nuo rouye relaxed her mood and was pleased with herself.

Lu Yuxi smiled. Now, it was time for her performance. “What’s wrong? What happened? Why do I feel like someone is calling me? ”

Through the crowd, Lu Yuxi squeezed in from the back.

Seeing Lu Yuxi Walk in from the back instead of coming out of the room, Xiao Zi was dumbfounded.

Impossible, this is impossible. Wasn’t she inside Why was she here? Where did that man go?

Lu Yuxi’s appearance caused everyone to start discussing again. This time, the discussion did not seem to cause Lu Yuxi to be attacked at all.

“Didn’t you say that she was in the room? Why did she come in from the outside? ”

“Yeah, I thought it was real. Looks like I was really mistaken. ”

“I knew it. How could someone who could give birth to such a cute baby be that kind of person? ”

“Xiao Xi, where did you go? Why couldn’t I find you earlier? Weren’t you changing your clothes? Why did you come back from outside? ” Nuo Rouye said worriedly.

“I just finished changing my clothes and felt a little dizzy, so I went out to get some fresh air. I saw you guys coming up in a big group, so I followed you, ” Lu Yuxi said innocently.

“Did something happen? ” Lu Yuxi was no worse than a professional when it came to pretending to be innocent.

“Sister Xiaozi just said that you and a man were having an affair inside, so she asked us to come up and take a look, ” Hei Qingqing interrupted.

“An affair? How is that possible? I didn’t see any man! ”

“Nonsense, I clearly saw you in there just now, and then a man went in. ” Xiao Zi was a little desperate.

Lu Yuxi shrugged her shoulders. “Then I don’t know, but I didn’t see it. ”

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