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Chapter 1144

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As he spoke, he proudly pointed behind him.

“Ling Hu, don’t worry. I’m fine. If she really is my wife, I’ll definitely protect her well. ”

Ling Hu looked at the black tribe and was obviously a little excited. “Hei di, how did you come back? ”

“I already said that I came to find my man, but you don’t believe me. Look, didn’t I use our telepathy to find her? ”

Lu Yuxi knew that as long as these two guys spoke, the atmosphere would definitely be lowered to the lowest. She was only in charge of livening up the atmosphere.

“Ling Hu, I want to ask you a question. Am I really married? ”

Up until now, he still could not recover. He was actually married.

Ling Hu was his best brother. He believed that as long as he answered him, he would probably give up.

Ling Hu was stunned. He looked at Lu Yuxi in puzzlement and then looked at Hei Bu. “Hei di, what’s wrong? ”

Hei Di’s attitude was obviously a little abnormal. Why would he ask such a strange question.

“Ling Hu, just answer him. He was hypnotized and lost his memory about me. ” Lu Yuxi who knew the truth was obviously much calmer.

Ling Hu frowned, obviously not accepting this explanation. However, since Madam did not have any reaction, how could he have such a big reaction.

“Yes, you are already married. ” Ling Hu also calmly answered Hei Bu’s question.

“Alright, you should give up now. ” Lu Yuxi pursed her lips.

At this time, someone suddenly pushed in from outside with Lu Yuxi. Lu Yuxi inadvertently turned her head, and it was this turn that made her run out.

Hei Bu was completely at a loss, but they still chased after her with worry.

“UGHHH, ughhh. ” Lu Yuxi vomited when she smelled the blood on the tree beside her.

No, she couldn’t stand it. She really couldn’t stand the smell. The moment she smelled it, she wanted to cry. She thought of her captain and Monkey.

She didn’t expect that she would be the only one left with her.

As she thought about it, Lu Yuxi’s tears fell. Why? Why was life so fragile.

“UGHHH… ” Lu Yuxi felt more and more uncomfortable.

Hei Bu carefully handed her a tissue, “are you okay? ”

“I’m fine. I’m just a little nauseous. I feel like my chest is very tight. I feel like something is blocking my chest. ” Lu Yuxi covered her chest in discomfort.

Hei Bu’s eyes flashed. He did not expect this woman to have such a weak side. He did not expect that a woman who he thought was strong would also have such a weak side.

“Are you really okay? You don’t look so good. ” Her face was already Pale. It was really worrisome.

“I’m fine, I’m just a little nauseous, i… ” Before she could finish, Lu Yuxi felt her vision darken, and then she didn’t know anything anymore …

Hei Bu quickly went to catch her. What happened? Why did she faint so quickly.

Hei Bu couldn’t care less. He hurriedly picked up Lu Yuxi and immediately walked away.

Seeing Hei bu come back with Lu Yuxi in his arms, Ling Hu was stunned. “Hei di, what happened? What happened to Madam? ”

Hei Bu couldn’t care less about what Ling Hu said. “doctor, doctor, someone fainted here. ”

Although he did not feel anything towards the woman, he would still be anxious if she fainted.

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