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Chapter 1145

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“Madam is fine. It’s just that she’s too tired and she’s pregnant. That’s why she fainted one after another, ” the doctor stood up and said calmly.

“What? Pregnant? ” Hei Bu was stunned.

“Yes, Madam is already three weeks pregnant. You should be more careful and not let her move too much. ” However, she was also curious.

She heard that this woman was Hei di’s woman and that she had returned from the primordial mountain alone with Hei di. That place was dangerous. How did she come back safely.

Moreover, it was very easy to abort a fetus that was three weeks old. How did she manage to protect it so well? There was no effect at all. It was actually just because she was too tired.

She was too amazing. She was indeed Hei di’s woman. She was indeed different from others. Even the child in her stomach was so adorable.

Hei Bu did not know when the doctor had left. Instead, he had been staring blankly at Lu Yuxi who was still resting.

After a long while, he stared at her stomach. She was pregnant. This meant that the child should be his. Then, was he going to be a father?

For Hei Bu, after losing his memory, he had completely forgotten that he was already a father of three children.

So when he heard that he was going to be a father again, he was still so excited.

Hei Bu looked at Lu Yuxi in disbelief. Was this woman giving birth to her child?

Seeing her long eyelashes become beautiful under the sunlight, hei BU’s heart skipped a beat.

How did she do it? She said that all the members who went with her had been sacrificed. How did she do it when she faced the wolf pack? How did she find him.

What else could this woman have that could surprise him?

The corners of Lu Yuxi’s eyes moved. She opened her eyes slightly, and in the end, she completely opened them.

Lying on the bed, Lu Yuxi stared blankly at the ceiling. What happened Why was she lying here again?

“You’re awake? ” Hei Bu said gently.

“What happened to me? Did I suddenly faint? ” She only remembered that she was very dizzy and had no strength at that time. Then, her vision went dark, and she did not know what had happened.

“You’re too tired. The doctor said that you should pay more attention to rest. ”

“Yeah, how can I NOT BE TIRED? I’ve never climbed such a High Mountain Path and I’ve never walked such a long road. Hei Bu, I, Lu Yuxi, am simply too crazy to be with you. ” Lu Yuxi shook her head helplessly.

Although she was very tired, she did not feel any regret. On the contrary, she was very satisfied because at least she could feel his presence. It was better than waiting for his message at home.

“Also, the doctor said that you should pay more attention to rest. ”

Lu Yuxi immediately sat up from the bed. “Why should I rest? I’m just too tired these few days. I’ll be fine after resting for a while. There’s no need to rest for so long. ”

Pay More attention to rest. This was what Lu Yuxi was most afraid of hearing. Because she, Lu Yuxi, was not the kind of person who liked to stay quiet, she absolutely could not afford to be the kind of person who could obediently rest.

“The doctor said that you’re three weeks pregnant. He told you to pay more attention to rest and not to make such a big move, ” Hei Bu said calmly.

Although it was very calm, she still could not suppress the excitement in her heart.

“pregnant? ”

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