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Chapter 1146

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That’s right, no wonder my relatives didn’t come to look for me this month. It turns out that I’m pregnant, which surprised me.

I’ve been preparing for the birth of a baby for a year. Now that I’m pregnant with a second child, it should be a very normal thing. She didn’t have any reaction, but just welcomed the little guy’s arrival.

However, the most excited person right now should be the Hei Bu. He remembered when he was pregnant with Xiao Feng and the others, even though he was afraid that she would suffer in the beginning.

But later, no one was as excited as him. It seemed that it was quite a good thing for him to experience happiness again.

Actually, Lu Yuxi should not think of everything as bad. Although the Hei Bu had lost their memories and forgotten about their own matters, she felt that this was quite good.

This allowed them to experience the sweetness before falling in love again.

He also liked to see the way the Hei Bu would always look at everything in surprise.

“Don’t worry. If it’s my children, I will definitely treat you well. I will definitely not let you suffer. ” The eyes of the Hei Bu were obviously so serious that they could not be more serious.

Lu Yuxi snickered. Hei Bu’s actions were really fun. She actually did not want to tell him that they had three children. She wanted to know what he would say.

“Can you really give me and my child happiness? You clearly don’t love me, how can you give me happiness? ” Lu Yuxi said calmly.

Hei Bu paused. He did not expect her to suddenly ask this question.

“Don’t worry. Since you have said it before, we are married because I love you. Although you have lost your memories, I will try my best to remind myself and try my best to fall in love with you again. ”

A woman like this was very attractive. If someone asked him if he would fall in love with such a woman, he could only answer that he would. If he was given time, he would definitely fall in love with such a woman.

Trying his best to fall in love with her again seemed like a good idea. It also seemed very attractive. She wanted to see how he would fall in love with her.

The corners of Lu Yuxi’s mouth curled up. Between husband and wife, wasn’t it you who made me happy and I made you happy?

Hei Bu, I’ll make you happy. Please fall in love with me again.

“Are you sure you can fall in love with me again? ” Lu Yuxi continued to ask with a smile.

“With the foundation of a relationship, how hard can it be to fall in love with you again? ” Hei Bu said calmly.

“Alright, I was waiting for you to say that. ”

It seemed that Hei bu would definitely play with her for a long time. This time, her pregnancy would not be boring.

Lu Yuxi could already imagine the expression on Nuo Rouye’s face when she knew that she was pregnant again. She must be overjoyed.

However, at the same time, Lu Yuxi was a little worried. The Hei Bu family had twin genes. Could it be that they had more than one child? If they continued to give birth like this, sooner or later, people would say that they were sows.

“Oh right, we haven’t called mom about our safety yet. We have to call her. She must be worried to death right now. ”

As she spoke, Lu Yuxi took out her phone and dialed a familiar number.

This wasn’t the primitive mountain, so there was still some signal. It was still meaningful to be able to make a call.

“Hello, mom, it’s me, Xiao Xi. ”

“Xiao Xi? It’s really Xiao Xi. Xiao Xi, are you okay? You haven’t called me in the past two days. I’m worried to death. ” An excited voice came from the other end of the phone.

“Aiya, mom, don’t worry about me. I’m safe with HEI BU now. I should be back soon. ”

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