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The daughter of a wealthy family who had been reborn earned a lot of money (Web Novel) - Chapter 1147: The role of the 1,149 th man

Chapter 1147: The role of the 1,149 th man

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With Lu Yuxi’s words, Nuo Rouye felt much more at ease.

“Alright, then I’ll wait for you guys to come back. HURRY UP! ” Nuo Rouye said happily.

“Alright, mom, you don’t have to worry about us. We’re really fine. ” Lu Yuxi didn’t choose to tell Hei bu about her and her own matters first because she didn’t know if she could tell them now.. Would Nuo Rouye fly over immediately in excitement.

“Ring… ” while Lu Yuxi was still on the phone, the military camp’s bell suddenly rang …

Lu Yuxi remembered this voice because when she had lost her memory, this voice had sounded before. That time, it had sounded because the eldest prince had sent people to invade. What was the reason for it this time.

Lu Yuxi wanted to get up, but was stopped by Hei Bu. “What are you doing? ”

“Hei Bu, this is their emergency bell. If I’m not wrong, something must have happened. I have to go and take a look. ”

Hei Bu grabbed her arm with one hand and stood up himself. “This kind of thing only needs men. You have me, you don’t need to do anything. You rest well. I’m here, I don’t need you. ”

Lu Yuxi was obviously stunned by his words, “I’m here, I don’t need you. ” His words were so domineering that it really fascinated her.

Lu Yuxi sat down obediently and nodded. “Okay. ”

After saying that, HEI BU walked out.

Staring blankly at Hei Bu’s back, Lu Yuxi was a little infatuated.

Sure enough, he was still him. Even if he lost his memory, it would not affect him being him. She just loved his domineering, infatuated love.

Lu Yuxi gently touched her stomach. Baby, your time is really embarrassing. Do you want to witness the love between father and mother again?

Although your dad has lost his memory, he will still love you.

This time, Lu Yuxi obediently stayed in the tent and didn’t go anywhere. She quietly waited for the arrival of the Hei Bu.

About ten minutes later, the curtain of the tent was lifted by someone.

“Hei Bu, what’s wrong? Did something happen? ” Lu Yuxi asked urgently.

“Yes, it’s said that the enemy has started to attack again. Moreover, just ten minutes ago, the military arms here were taken out by the mole. ”

“What? How is this possible? The military arms are so big. How can they transport them out in such a short time? ” Lu Yuxi couldn’t believe it.

The firearms were produced by the Hei Bu. It was already very difficult to find them. Now that it was the time of war, wouldn’t it be terrible if they stole the firearms?

“It should have been premeditated for a long time. Moreover, I heard the sound of a helicopter just now. It should be the helicopter that they stopped at an open space not far from here. ”

She should not have told her this, but the hei bu realized that she seemed to know quite a lot.

Lu Yuxi frowned, “that is to say, they stole the firearms now and know the details of this place, so they launched another attack. ”

Although it was very chaotic outside, Lu Yuxi’s thoughts were still very clear.

“That’s right. Moreover, although this side can hold on for a short period of time, if the enemy’s artillery is still so strong, this side will only lose more people. ”

“Yes, the way now should be to find a way to get the weapons. Hei Bu, can you get these things in a short period of time? ” Lu Yuxi gave hope to Hei Bu and looked at him expectantly.

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