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Chapter 1148

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Hei Bu shook his head, “this thing is not so easy to get. If you want to get it out in a short time, I’m afraid you’ll have to buy it from the gang leaders of other places. ”

Lu Yuxi shook her head, “no, it’s useless. You said last time that the leaders of other places should be bribed by the eldest prince, so this path is not feasible. ”

Hei Bu’s train of thought stopped. If that was the case, no matter how many soldiers there were, they would still be alone and would not be a match for anyone else.

“wait a minute, I remember now. Hei Bu, I remember now. I have an idea. I know who has these things. I know who it is, ” Lu Yuxi said excitedly.

Hei Bu was somewhat baffled. He had no idea why Lu Yuxi was so excited.

“Hei Bu, do you still remember? Do you still remember the last time we went to play? It was that time… ”

As she spoke, Lu Yuxi entered her train of thought…

A year ago

London airport.

“Hei Bu, why did you follow me out so obediently this time? ” Lu Yuxi still could not believe it.

One had to know that other than being busy, Hei Bu was always busy. Sometimes, it was difficult to even see him. Now that he was suddenly called out, it was really rare.

“Didn’t you say that it was uncomfortable to have a big belly? Did you want to come over to relax? So I brought you here. Why? Did you suddenly not want to come? ”

Other people who were pregnant did not feel this uncomfortable, but hei bu felt especially uncomfortable when he saw Lu Yuxi like this. They were clearly six months old, but other people’s bellies were not as big as hers.

“Are you sure? ” Lu Yuxi raised her eyebrows and stared at him.

The Hei Bu nodded helplessly, “I’m sure. ”

Lu Yuxi happily grabbed his arm, “come, let’s go play. ”

Although she had just gotten off the plane, Lu Yuxi had already slept on the plane for so many hours, which was enough.

The HEI BU was helpless. This wife of his, he still couldn’t control her. She was still so mischievous.

The biggest benefit of going abroad with the HEI BU was that they didn’t have to worry about travel problems, so as soon as they got out of the airport, there was already a car waiting outside.

Lu Yuxi raised her eyebrows as she looked at the black car in front of her. Lu Yuxi raised her eyebrows and said, “Hei Bu, I realized that the only advantage of marrying you is that you will never have to worry about not having a car to sit in. ”

The corners of Hei Bu’s mouth curled up. “Is that so? Then my dear wife, if I gave you a chance to regret, would you still choose to marry me? ”

Lu Yuxi replied without hesitation, “I would. ”

How could such a good husband not marry.

Lu Yuxi had always liked to talk. Especially after she became pregnant, she became even more talkative.

Along the way, Ji Ji kept talking. If it weren’t for the fact that HEI BU liked to stop him talking, he would have thrown her out of the car long ago.

At this moment, the car seemed to have stopped.

Lu Yuxi asked in confusion, “master, what’s wrong? What happened? ”

Master: “I don’t know, something seems to have happened in front. All the cars are stuck here. ”

Lu Yuxi stuck her head out of the window. “Why did something happen again? Hei Bu, does something have to happen every time we go out? ”

Lu Yuxi complained.

“It’s just a coincidence. I don’t have the ability to make everything happen when we’re out. ”

“Alright, don’t take it seriously. I was just joking. If we’re stuck in traffic, it looks like we’ll have to wait. I don’t know how long we’ll have to wait. ” Lu Yuxi pouted.

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