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Chapter 1151

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“Hey, lady, it’s dangerous inside. Come out quickly. ”

Lu Yuxi turned back to look at the person who had reminded her and nodded in gratitude.

However, she could no longer watch the child continue like this and did not help her.

Lu Yuxi immediately went forward and quickly took out her small handkerchief to wrap around his injured thigh.

Lu Yuxi did not have the time to care about the sniper that HEI BU had mentioned. Up until now, she had not fired a shot, so she should have already taken care of it.

The purpose of wrapping the thigh was to stop the bleeding. Lu Yuxi did everything that Hei Qingqing had said.

Lu Yuxi could feel that when she touched his hand, her hands and feet were cold. Moreover, her breathing seemed to be getting weaker.

“Hey, little friend, don’t sleep. Get up and talk to me, okay? ”

Lu Yuxi tried to wake him up, but unfortunately, the little friend seemed to have entered a deep coma.

Damn it, she was not a doctor, so there was no way.

“Do you see an ambulance? Do you see an ambulance? ” Lu Yuxi knew she had no choice but to turn her attention to the crowd.

“Yes, yes, the ambulance is here. ” Just as she finished speaking, she saw the medical staff carrying a stretcher in.

Seeing the medical staff carrying the child, Lu Yuxi was finally relieved.

At this time, Hei Bu also rushed down and held Lu Yuxi.

“It’s okay. ”

“Yes, it’s okay. ” Lu Yuxi relaxed and leaned on HEI BU’s body.

Although in general, they did not help much, the HEI BU had already helped.

Only later did Lu Yuxi know that this child was not an ordinary person.

He was the son of a high-ranking official. Because of the military issue, he was threatened by the terrorists. He also chose his biggest weakness, his family.

At that time, the family of the high-ranking official could not find the existence of the child. No, to be precise, he could not appear. If he appeared, he was very likely to be killed.

The terrorists also spoke. If he did not appear within 20 minutes, the snipers would start shooting at his son. The two snipers that the Hei Bu took care of saved the child’s life.

After the high official found out about this, he immediately summoned the Hei Bu and Lu Yuxi in secret and promised them a condition.

What a joke. It was very rare for the high official to agree to a condition. However, at that time, Lu Yuxi did not think of what to say, so she did not say anything.

At the same time, he also gave them a number, saying that they could call whenever they thought of it.

Pushing back the memories…

Lu Yuxi hurriedly made a call. As expected, they were very trustworthy. Lu Yuxi immediately agreed to the matter of the arms.

Lu Yuxi was relieved. “Hei Bu, I know you can’t remember those things, but it doesn’t matter. The most important thing now is to let SH hold on for another two hours. They will use the fastest speed to transport the things by helicopter. ”

To be honest, Lu Yuxi had never realized that she had so many connections with Hei Bu. With just a phone call, she could settle this kind of matter.

Sure enough, sometimes when one did things according to their own wishes, unexpected things would happen.

Hei Bu seemed to have also walked out and told SH about the matter. However, what SH said later really surprised him, but it also proved that he could protect the people.

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