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Chapter 1152

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“An, I heard about it just now. I heard that you’re pregnant. Congratulations. Since you’re already pregnant, Hei di, you can go back with an, ” Sh said calmly.

“Hei Bu, what are you talking about? How can you let us go back at such a crucial time? Although I can’t help you much, the Hei tribe can still help you. ” Lu Yuxi really couldn’t understand Sh’s actions.

“No, it’s not that you haven’t helped me enough. On the contrary, you’ve helped me too much. You’ve helped me with the military issue this time. It’s my fault for using the wrong people. Now that you’ve helped me like this, I’m already very grateful. So, I can’t let you help me like this anymore. Furthermore… “. “…”

Sh paused for a moment He smiled. “furthermore, if I really want to be a king, there will definitely be people who will be jealous of the fertile land of the northern kingdom. I have to rely on my own ability to win. Otherwise, how can I protect my people in the future? ”

Lu Yuxi nodded in agreement. She did not expect SH to think this way. Indeed, if he wanted to become the king of the northern kingdom, he had to make himself stronger so that he could protect his country.

Sh was already very strong. However, for the sake of everyone, he had to become stronger so that he could conquer everyone.

However, SH was indeed suitable to be a king. Moreover, at that time, Lu Yuxi had lost her memory. She could feel that there were many people who supported him to take up this position. Perhaps this was the reason why the first prince had always regarded him as a thorn in his side.

Hei Bu was a smart person and naturally knew what to do. “Alright, we will leave this place as soon as possible. However, I must remind you not to be soft-hearted. Because if you are soft-hearted, this is definitely your most fatal weakness. ”

Although Hei bu had already forgotten about this memory, from the hypnosis incident and the firearms incident, his opponent was definitely not a good person. As long as he was soft-hearted, he could die at any time.

“Also, don’t trust others so easily unless you feel that he is worthy of your trust. ” The reason why he was able to sit firmly in the gang’s position was because of this sentence.

Sh looked at HEI DI in a daze. He did not expect him to remind him like this.

“Don’t look at me like that. I have heard of the name Sh. You are very smart. I, the Hei Bu, admire you. Therefore, I hope that you can survive this battle. ” The corners of Hei Bu’s mouth curled up.

Lu Yuxi saw the smile on Hei Bu’s face and smiled as well. This was because Lu Yuxi knew that HEI BU was indeed smiling.

“I look forward to your strength. ” As she said this, she extended her right hand.

In Lu Yuxi’s opinion, the Hei Bu had very few friends. They were all brothers who had risked their lives, and there were not many people who could make her admire them.

Someone had said that no matter how strong a person was, they still needed an opponent, and right now, the Hei Bu was nurturing his opponent.

Sh also smiled. “definitely. ”

When she saw them, Lu Yuxi was very happy. One was her good friend, and the other was her lover. She had thought that they would fight, but it seemed that she had thought too much.

“I’ve already sent people to pick you up. Because there’s a mountain road ahead, we need to walk for a while. ”

“Yes, that’s fine. However, before I leave, I still have something to do. ”

Monkey had yet to finish what he had instructed her to do. How could she leave just like that.

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