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Chapter 1153

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“Hu, I’m leaving. You have to be careful, understand? ” Hu was his savior. She was also one of the people who understood her the most. She sincerely hoped that he would be able to survive.

“Yes, I will. ” He still wanted to see her babies. He really wanted to see how outstanding her and Hei di’s babies would be.

Looking at Sh’s gentle smile, Lu Yuxi was still a little reluctant. “We really have to leave. You have to be careful. ”

“Yes, I will. ”

Sh was always so considerate. He had long prepared a car to take them back.

However, the most important thing for her now was not to go back. The most important thing now was to fulfill the last wish that monkey had given her.

Through the people who were more familiar with monkey, she learned that the person that monkey liked was from his village, which was a small village in the north.

“You still have things to do? ” Hei Bu looked at Lu Yuxi.

Lu Yuxi nodded. “Yes, I still have a very important thing to do. ”

She really wanted to not do this, but she had no choice.

The road was bumpy, and after three hours of driving, they finally reached monkey’s village.

Lu Yuxi did not let the car enter, but let him stop at the village entrance.

“Hei Bu, let’s go, you will accompany me. ” Lu Yuxi was afraid that if she could not control her emotions, she would cry, so it was better for Hei bu to accompany her.

“Yes. ” He would not reject her request.

According to his comrades, Lu Yuxi and Hei Bu came to the house at the end of the village, which was monkey’s home.

According to what they said, monkey was born from old age, so his parents were already in their 60s and 70s. Monkey had this girl because of her kindness.

Because they heard that monkey’s parents could not move easily, that girl, the girl that monkey liked, often came here to take care of the two old men.

No, to be precise, she came to see the two old men.

The two old men also liked this obedient girl very much. They thought that since the two children liked each other, they could hold their wedding earlier. Who knew that monkey would join the army.

They didn’t expect that this trip would be forever.

Walking to the end of the village, Lu Yuxi indeed saw many small tile houses.

Lu Yuxi glanced at Hei Bu behind her and finally decided to walk closer.

Walking to the small wooden door, Lu yuxi hesitated for a long time and finally knocked on the door.

“knock, knock… ” Lu yuxi knocked three times in a row …

“Who is it? ” As the voice came from inside, the person who opened the door was also seen.

The person who opened the door saw the unfamiliar Lu Yuxi and Hei Bu, so he did not dare to open the door to the maximum. “You are? ”

The person who opened the door was a young lady. If Lu Yuxi’s guess was correct, this should be the woman that they said monkey loved.

Lu Yuxi was stunned as she did not expect her to really be here. She actually did not know how to answer her. “Oh, that, I am monkey’s friend. ”

The girl who opened the door was obviously surprised, “you are friends of Monkey? ”

“Yes, yes. ” Yes, friends who risked their lives.

“since you are friends of monkey, come in quickly. Come in, I will lead the way for you. ”

At this time, the girl also shouted towards the courtyard, “uncle, Auntie, monkey has a friend coming. ”

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