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Chapter 1154

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Looking at the excited people leading the way, Lu Yuxi couldn’t help but feel her heart ache. How was she going to explain what she was going to say next?

“Don’t think so much. It’s impossible for people to come back. Just say what you have to say. It makes no difference if they know earlier or later. ”

Hei Bu could see what Lu Yuxi was thinking, so he comforted her.

Lu Yuxi glanced at HEI BU and finally nodded, “okay. ”

Following the girl who was leading the way, Lu Yuxi walked into the courtyard.

As it was rural land, it was natural everywhere. Because the courtyard was bigger, there were also a few chickens.

When monkey’s parents heard Xiuxiu’s voice, they immediately helped her out, “Xiuxiu, monkey’s friend is here. Is it true? ”

They saw monkey’s parents walking out of the house.

Although they were not even 70 years old, they seemed to have a hunched back and their hair was white. Lu Yuxi could not help but feel sad when she saw them.

Xiuxiu immediately went forward to support the two old men. “Yes, they said that they are brother Monkey’s friends and they don’t look like villagers. Brother Monkey must have asked them to bring a letter. ”

The more xiuxiu spoke, the more excited she became.

Monkey’s father said, “the two of you must have come from afar. Take a seat, come here and sit down. Xiuxiu, please bring a glass of water for our guests. They must be thirsty after such a long journey. ”

Lu Yuxi politely refused, “There’s no need, we’re not thirsty. ”

“It’s alright. Don’t mind it. It’s all clean water, ” monkey’s mother said kindly.

The more they acted like this, the more uncomfortable Lu Yuxi felt. However, if she rejected them, they would feel that they looked down on them. Hence, she simply let them pull her to a chair at a stone table and sat down.

“Come, come, sit here. Sit here. Tell me, how is monkey doing recently? Has He become disobedient after he became a soldier? Is he not eating over there? This child might have lost weight by now. ”

Monkey’s mother kept smiling as she said that monkey had left home for two years. Now, she really wanted to see what he looked like now.

“Also, has monkey been looking for a little girl over there? Xiuxiu has been waiting for him to come back and marry her. ”

Xiuxiu was a little embarrassed by her words. “Auntie. ”

“Old woman, don’t ask so many questions. You will scare the little girl later. Oh right, little girl, what is your name? ”

Lu Yuxi smiled. “You can call me Xiao Xi. ”

“I see. Miss Xiao Xi, did you bring us monkey’s information this time? ” Monkey’s father said expectantly.

Lu Yuxi looked at their expectant faces. She really didn’t know how to say the words that were stuck in her mouth.

Seeing that Lu Yuxi’s expression didn’t look right, Xiuxiu seemed to have sensed something.

“Miss Xiao Xi, what’s wrong? Did something happen to brother Monkey? ” When Xiuxiu asked, she could feel her voice trembling.

One had to know that the northern kingdom had been at war recently. It was really difficult not to worry in such a dangerous place.

Lu Yuxi did not dare to look into their eyes, afraid that she would not be able to speak if she saw their eyes. After hesitating for a while, she finally opened her mouth.

“I’m sorry, elders. This time, I was unable to bring you good news. Actually, monkey has already been… sacrificed, ” Lu Yuxi who had sacrificed herself said through gritted teeth.

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