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Chapter 1155

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When Lu Yuxi finished speaking, the whole place was silent. Monkey’s parents’smiles froze on their faces.

“Miss Xiao Xi, you… you must be joking. ” XIUXIU’s face was completely pale.

Monkey’s parents were even more speechless.

“I’m very sorry that I gave it to you guys on our first meeting? It’s just that this is the truth. ” After saying this, Lu Yuxi felt her heart relax a little, but it was also a little tense.

That was because she had already seen the expressions of all of them.

Lu Yuxi suddenly felt that she did not know what to say. She could not think of anything to comfort them.

“How is this possible? When monkey went out, I clearly heard him say that he would come back safely. Why? Why did he lie to an old woman like me? ”

Monkey’s mother’s tears fell. How was this possible? She was still fine when she went out. How could she disappear just like that? How could he believe this.

“although monkey is a little naughty sometimes, he has never worried us before. This time, you said that he sacrificed himself. We will never believe it. How could he dare to leave us two old geezers? ” Relatively speaking, monkey’s father was the calmest.

“Miss Xiao Xi, can you not joke with us? Did Monkey think that he could joke with us after not coming back for a long time? ” “Uncle and aunt are not in good health. They can not allow him to mess around like this. ” Xiuxiu still could not accept Lu Yuxi’s words.

Lu Yuxi frowned. She knew that this family would not be able to accept her words at once.

Monkey was the only son in the family. The two elders also relied on the vegetables grown in their own fields. They also had a few chickens to live on. Sometimes, when things were difficult, they could not even open the pot. It was Xiuxiu who came over to help.

They were just waiting for monkey to return as a soldier so that their family’s life could be improved a little. Now that they suddenly heard that monkey had sacrificed himself, no one could accept this fact.

Lu Yuxi could not bear to break their dreams, but… …

“Auntie, monkey… ” Lu Yuxi choked on her words.

At this moment, monkey’s mother seemed to have realized the truth and suddenly burst into tears. “How could this be? Why did it turn out like this? ”

Xiuxiu was the same. She seemed to have broken down as tears streamed down her face. “brother monkey really can’t come back? Didn’t he say that he would come back to marry me? Why? Why did he lie to me? ”

Even monkey’s father, who had been calm all this while, could not help but have his eyes turn red. He thought of how he had followed behind him every day when he was young and how he had been so excited to bring back the fish. Tears streamed down his face.

“Monkey, you unfilial son. What exactly did I do to give birth to you? Now you want me to send you off? ” Monkey’s mother began to roar.

Indeed, if it was anyone else, they would not be able to accept this truth even if they knew the truth. Furthermore, they had only one son. How could they accept this.

Lu Yuxi took out two envelopes from her bag. She knew what was inside without even thinking.

“although something has happened to monkey, His Highness SH is very grateful, but he is also very sorry. However, he sacrificed his life for his country. We should be proud of him. ”

Lu Yuxi knew that she was being polite, but she really could not think of anything to comfort them. …

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