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Chapter 1156

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It was true that he had sacrificed his life for his country, but how many people could accept this excuse.

“Take this money. It’s from His Highness. Although it’s not much, it’s a small token of his appreciation. ”

Although it was not much, in this place, one could live comfortably for the rest of their lives.

No one took the initiative to take the money, and monkey’s mother looked at Lu Yuxi sincerely.

“Miss Xiao Xi, I don’t want this money. I can’t afford to spend so much money either. Can you exchange monkey back? I don’t want money, really. ”

No matter how much money there was, it wouldn’t be enough to exchange for a human life.

Hearing this, Lu Yuxi could clearly feel her heart breaking.

“monkey mother, I’m sorry for your loss. ”

Monkey mother beat her chest angrily. “I hate him so much. I really hate him so much. I should have stopped him back then. If that was the case, this wouldn’t have happened. ”

She muttered as she walked into the room.

Meanwhile, monkey father was also following behind monkey mother with a pained expression.

Lu Yuxi knew that they were in a bad mood, but there was no other way. Those who had gone could not come back. Perhaps this was fate.

Right now, they might also need some peace and quiet.

Xiuxiu’s eyes were red. “Uncle and aunt must have been stimulated. They need some peace and quiet. ”

Lu Yuxi knew that Xiuxiu was also in a bad mood. Losing a loved one was a feeling that not everyone understood. At that time, she thought that HEI BU had died. That kind of broken feeling was still fresh in her memory.

Looking at Xiuxiu’s trembling hands, Lu Yuxi suddenly grabbed her hands.

“Xiuxiu, I still have something to say to you. ” Lu Yuxi’s eyes were very sincere.

XIUXIU’s heart, which was about to escape, suddenly stopped. She tried hard not to let her tears fall.

“Miss Xiao Xi, is there anything else? ” Right now, she just wanted to find a place to cry properly. She really wanted to cry.

Lu Yuxi put herself on her body. She wrapped something very well and directly put it in Xiuxiu’s hands.

“Xiuxiu, monkey handed this to me before he left. He wanted me to tell you that he might not be able to marry you again in this life. If, if there’s a next life, if he can still meet you in the next life, he will definitely carry the Palanquin to marry you. ”

As Lu Yuxi spoke, she could not help but think of the scene when monkey left. She could not help but feel a lump in her throat.

“Xiuxiu, he said that after he left, don’t be sad and find a good family to marry. He has let you down. In the next life, he will definitely make it up to you. ”

Finally, Xiuxiu could not hold it in anymore and squatted on the ground, crying loudly.

“Why, why did you leave me? Why? You said you would take care of me for the rest of your life. Now that you have abandoned me, what am I supposed to do? ” Xiuxiu’s roar was so loud that she almost lost her voice.

Lu Yuxi could not stand such things, so she immediately lay on Hei Bu’s chest and cried.

It was not that she was too weak, but she could not stand it. She really could not accept the people around her leaving.

“Don’t cry anymore. The people who died have already left. You are here to comfort them, not to cry with them, understand? ”

Perhaps because of the comfort of the Hei Bu, Lu Yuxi’s sobs slowly stopped and she left the Hei Bu’s embrace. “okay. ”

Xiuxiu was already crying so much that she could not straighten her back. She could only sit on the chair with Lu Yuxi’s help.

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