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Chapter 1157

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“Xiuxiu, I know that everyone is very sad about monkey’s sacrifice, but Xiuxiu, a dead person can not be resurrected. I’m sorry for your loss. The two elders still need you to comfort them. You have to pull yourself together, okay? ” Lu Yuxi said gently.

Xiuxiu tried her best to calm herself down. She also knew that she might be the only person that her uncle and aunt could rely on.

Although she had yet to marry, in Xiuxiu’s eyes, they were already her family.

“Xiuxiu, take this money. I believe that you will need it in the future. As for the two elders, if you get married, this money might be enough for them to spend the rest of their lives in the elderly home… ”

Before Lu Yuxi could finish her sentence, Xiuxiu interrupted her, “No, I will not get married. In my heart, I am already brother Monkey’s wife. Uncle and aunt, I will definitely take good care of them. “.

Lu Yuxi smiled. She knew that it was just a moment of happiness. which girl nowadays could really endure the loneliness of the rest of her life.

Unfortunately, Lu Yuxi was wrong. This was not just talk. Who would have thought that decades later, this girl would really be lonely until she grew old.

“leave Miss Xiao Xi, uncle, and aunt to me. If you have anything to do, you can go back first. ”

“Yes, we still have something to do. We’ll go back first. I’m sorry for your loss. ” Actually, Lu Yuxi was fine, but she could hear that Xiuxiu had already ordered them to leave.

She did not blame her because Lu Yuxi knew that they only needed to be quiet now. And with them here, there was no way to make them calm down.

On the way back, Lu Yuxi did not speak. She quietly looked out of the window, thinking about her own matters.

The Hei Bu naturally knew that she and Lu Yuxi were husband and wife, but he had already lost his memory. They were not familiar with each other now, right? So on the way back, the two of them were quiet and did not speak.

Until the airport, Lu Yuxi finally could not help but say, “Hei Bu, aren’t you curious? ”

“curious? ”

“Aren’t you curious why I took out the card on the money again? ”

Lu Yuxi had put the card in the first place. It was her business card, and her phone number was written on it in detail.

Lu Yuxi put the card in, meaning that if she ran out of money, she could call her. Maybe she could help.

“seeing that you’re so smart, you have your own reasons for doing things, so I chose to believe you. ”

“It’s been a long time since I heard that. Before I lost my memory, you also liked to say something, but I liked it. ”

The reason why she took out the card was because she knew that monkey’s parents and Xiuxiu were not the kind of people who spent big money, so the money was enough.

“Hei Bu, let’s go. Let’s go back and see mom. It’s been so long since I’ve seen your son. I don’t know what she’s thinking, ” Lu Yuxi joked.

Hei Bu shook his head helplessly. Indeed, he could already imagine how his mother would treat him.

Coincidentally, Hei Bu also wanted to know what happened during the period when he lost his memory. When he returned to a familiar place, he might be able to remember everything.

Lu Yuxi secretly looked at the HEI BU and secretly laughed.

She really wanted to know what the Hei Bu’s expression would be like when they saw her having three children. Lu Yuxi was actually looking forward to it.

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